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Caught in the Act – Duck Rescue

May 21, 2019

At Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, we hire the best people. We hire the smartest, most skilled, most ethical people with outstanding personalities! Our success in this endeavor is frequently proven when our co-workers are “Caught in the Act”, going above and beyond to care for customers, teammates and their community.

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In this post we want to commend two of our recent Anderson Career Builder Institute graduates (and now co-workers), Matthew and Morgan…

When they walked out of taking their finals, they spotted a group of ladies who needed help near our office. Apparently, ten or more ducks had accidentally fallen into the sewer!

These guys jumped to the rescue and saved the ducks. Matt is pictured here, in the middle of the rescue mission.

Matt and Morgan made us very proud, and some scared little ducklings very happy!

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