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Going Green with your home’s plumbing system has never been easier with Anderson Plumbing Heating & Air and our water conservation methods, equipment, and services. When you equip your home with plumbing fixtures and devices that help save water, you will also be saving the environment and your wallet from high water utility bills.

This is a win-win situation you cannot afford to miss out on! Let our San Diego plumbing experts complete your “water conservation home makeover” in no time by contacting us at any time.

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Water Pressure Regulators Keep Things Under Control

Our plumbing techs begin water conservation home makeovers by conducting a thorough inspection of your home to spot areas where water is being wasted. The first place to look most of the time is your home’s water main. Oftentimes, water pressure controlled by the water main is just too high for day-to-day household requirements, which means too much water is flowing through the pipes for no reason.

In order to bring the pounds-per-square-inch (PSI) of your home’s water pressure down to a normal, useful level, we can install a water pressure regulator. This plumbing device monitors the incoming water pressure from the city or utility main and actively regulates it to the chosen amount, typically about 55 PSI.

In a given year, you can save thousands of gallons of water by lowering the PSI by only a slight amount, which translates directly to big savings. Lowering the PSI levels of the water pressure coming into your home also adds to the lifespan of your plumbing system and your appliances, meaning less repairs and replacements throughout the years.

Low-Flow Showerheads Scrub Away Dirt, Not Your Finances

The next likely candidates for improvement in your home’s water conservation makeover are your showerheads. Our San Diego plumbing specialists come to many clients’ homes and discover they are using showerheads that are not Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rated for water conservation or effectiveness.

Look for the WaterSense label and talk to us about the many different styles and options to get one of these low-flow showerheads in your shower, which reduce the gallons-per-minute usage down to two or fewer. On average, you can save four gallons of water per shower without sacrificing cleanliness. For a family of four, that is 16 or more gallons saved per day!

Save Big with Low-Flow Toilets

Up-to-date low-flow toilets use a 1.28-gallons per flush cycle, whereas older model low-flow toilets use 1.6-gallons per flush, or more. If you switch out the toilets in your home to upgraded low-flow models, you will be reducing water use per flush by about 20-to-30%.

This savings equates to more than 1,000 gallons of water saved each month, or about 13,000 gallons per year. If we upgrade your toilets from even older 3.5-gallons per flush toilets, your flush water reduction is going to be an incredible 70%.

Water Conservation Made Easy with Our Plumbing Pros

When everything is said and done, water conservation methods for your home are fantastic ways to save money — and Mother Nature. We make the process simple for you by inspecting your home for problem areas, making recommendations, and going above-and-beyond your expectations.

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