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Looking to give your bathroom an upgrade that’s both hygienic and luxurious?

Bidets and washlets are rapidly growing in popularity in the United States thanks to their unparalleled cleaning abilities and the immense health benefits that they entail.

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These fixtures are already extremely popular and commonly found in countries around the world (particularly across southern Europe, South America, and Japan), and now you can add one of these fixtures to your own restroom to enjoy the comfort and cleanliness they’re capable of providing.

Washlet & Bidet Plumbing

A bidet is typically a standalone fixture in a restroom that sort of looks like a toilet crossed with a sink, and is used for both rectal and genital cleaning after using the restroom. However, because not all restrooms have the space for one of these features, add-on bidets and bidet showers are in-demand items in the United States.

Toilet Seat Bidets

Washlets (toilet seat bidets) are similar to bidets, but have the faucets integrated directly into the toilet seat, making your toilet and bidet functions a seamless one-fixture experience. While these features are generally more on the expensive side, they can fit easily into even the smallest restrooms and can even make independent bathroom usage possible for senior citizens or those who struggle with mobility! Some even contain features like heated seats, hot water storage, retractable nozzles, and much more.

A toilet seat that acts like a bidet!

A Few Benefits of the Toto Washlet Include:

  • Hygienic
  • Cost-effective (studies have shown you could save a substantial amount on toilet paper each year)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Flexible (can be installed in nearly any bathroom and on almost any toilet)
  • Luxurious
  • Loaded with features (heated seats, retracting nozzles, etc.)

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We Install a Wide Range of Restroom Fixtures

At Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, our highly-skilled San Diego plumbers are equipped to install bidet and washlet fixtures of all different types in your restroom. Whether your washroom is large and can be equipped with a full-size bidet fixture or you simply wish to add a washlet seat to your existing toilet, our team can take care of everything from running needed plumbing lines to required electrical connections. We can even help you install fixtures that utilize warm water, heated seats, and a number of other comfort features. We’re proud to have served more than half a million customers over the last 45 years, and our experience can help us find and install the perfect hygiene fixture for your bathroom.

Whether you’re looking for a way to make your restroom stand out and your home unique or you simply would like to enjoy the health benefits of added cleanliness, a bidet or washlet could be the perfect solution for you. These unique restroom additions are not only becoming extremely popular in our health-conscious society, but they’ve even been found to add value to the homes or businesses that install them!

Bidets are just one of the many bathroom plumbing options our team offers. Let us help outfit your restroom with any of the following fixtures*:

  • Washlet seats
  • Conventional standalone bidets
  • Bidet showers
  • Electronic bidets
  • Add-on bidets

*Note: some fixtures may require special orders.


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