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Become an Anderson VIP Advantage Member To Enjoy Discounts, Priority Scheduling & More

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Let Team Anderson Be Your Home Plumbing, Heating & Air Concierge!

VIP Advantage

Become an Anderson VIP Advantage Member today! Our Client Care Specialists will notify you when it’s time for your home systems maintenance and schedule service appointments at your convenience.

As a member, get safety and peace of mind through annual tune-ups and inspections. Keep your home’s systems operating at peak performance with annual services and other key benefits, like: 

  • Regular discounts and special offers 
  • Priority scheduling for all members 
  • Routine maintenance that extends the life of your systems by up to 5 years
  • Transferrable membership within our service area

Included Annual Services

Annual Water Heater Tune Up & Plumbing Safety Inspection

Drips and leaks can significantly increase your water bill and can potentially cause damage. Plumbing safety inspections reduce your risk.

  • Inspect all faucets and showers
  • Inspect washing machine hoses and drain
  • Inspect all toilets for leaks
  • Inspect dishwasher hose and drain
  • Inspect garbage disposal
  • Check water pressure
  • Inspect sump pump (when, or if applicable)
  • Water heater flush and tune up

Annual Heater Tune Up, Duct & Safety Inspection

Regular inspections and maintenance significantly reduce the risk of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning on gas heating systems and cut down on costly breakdowns on all types of systems. Our 21-point heater check includes:

  • Inspect burners and flue pipe
  • Check carbon monoxide levels
  • Lubricate pumps and fans
  • Check temperatures and pressures
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Condensate drain line and trap
  • Check heat exchanger for cracks and leaks
  • Check filters, motors and safety switch
  • And more…

Annual AC Tune Up, Duct & Safety Inspection

Annual Air Conditioning inspections and tune-ups ensure your system is running at its peak efficiency, saving you money and extending the life of your air conditioner. Our 17-point air conditioning check includes:

  • Inspect condenser motor
  • Check temperatures and pressures
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Inspect filters
  • Inspect belts and pulleys
  • Lubricate motors
  • Inspect controls and safety devices
  • Check and tighten connections
  • Check contacts and relays for wear
  • And more…

Annual Drain Maintenance & Enzyme Treatment

  • Reduce chances of messy drain back-ups with annual mainline drain maintenance. The biodegradable enzyme treatment is safe and effective and breaks down organic matter to eliminate buildup that causes clogs and odors.
  • Snake mainline once annually for stoppage/maintenance (must have accessible clean out)
  • Enzyme treatment for drain maintenance to help prevent oils, grease, fats, & food waste build up in your drains around your home, including kitchen, laundry room, tubs/showers and lavatory
  • Visual inspection of exposed drain lines under sinks and cabinets

Become a VIP Advantage Member

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