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Heater Installation Services in San Diego

Heater Installation in San Diego

While we enjoy relatively mild weather here in San Diego, a heater is needed for comfort over the winter. With over 45 years of experience in the industry, Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air offers professional quality heating services and heater installation in San Diego and surrounding areas.

We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee on our workmanship and products. If you don’t like our work, we’ll come and repair or replace it for free or offer a refund. 

Contact us today at (866) 374-0402 to learn more about our comprehensive heater installation services in San Diego, El Cajon, and San Marcos!

Types of Heaters We Install

Do you need to replace an outdated heating system or want to update your home to a more energy-efficient model? Anderson will ensure your San Diego heater installation is performed correctly and safely according to the residential building code. 

Pros and cons of different heating systems:

Natural Gas furnaces

Natural gas furnaces are powered by natural gas, allowing them to heat and distribute air throughout the building.


  • Very reliable, even when the electricity runs out.
  • Burns cleaner than other fossil fuels.
  • Costs less than other energy sources. It burns more efficiently than other sources, uses less fuel, and heats your home faster than electrically powered furnaces. 


  • Upfront costs of natural gas furnaces are more expensive than other furnaces if you have to install gas supply lines. 
  • It still generates emissions.

Electric Heat Pumps

Electric heat pumps use a refrigerant to take warm air from outside (even when it’s negative 20 degrees outdoors) and then pump that warmth into your home. In the summer, heat pumps can do the opposite to cool your home.


  • Cheaper to run than combustion-based furnaces.
  • Less maintenance is required than combustion furnaces.
  • Safer than combustion furnaces.
  • Significantly fewer carbon emissions.
  • Can be switched to cooling mode to replace ACs.
  • Exceptionally reliable and provides a steady heat source, as long as you have electricity to run it.


  • The outdoor unit is just as noisy as an AC, so you’ll want to place it similarly. 
  • Professional installation and maintenance are critical.
  • Higher upfront costs.

Boiler Radiant Heating System

The boiler heats water, and a pump circulates it through a network of pipes in walls, floors, or radiators. 


  • Even steady heat.
  • Easy to control heat levels in individual spaces.
  • Both air and objects inside rooms absorb warmth.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Quiet and dust free.


  • Slow to heat the house when it first starts up.
  • Involves extensive installation of pipes.

Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces use electricity to generate heat. 


  • Easy and simple to install.
  • Doesn’t require connections to natural gas.
  • No emissions from your home.


  • Expensive to operate–electricity costs significantly more than gas.
  • Much less efficient than heat pumps.

Ductless Systems

Indoor units are set up in individual rooms and are connected to an outside unit with small pipes. No ductwork is needed for ductless systems.


  • Easy to install, doesn’t require a central air system or lose heat from leaky ductwork.
  • Easy zone control for different spaces.
  • Small units are space efficient.
  • Very energy-efficient, top-of-the-line units are pushing a 30 SEER rating.


  • Looks bulky in rooms.
  • Higher upfront costs.
  • Requires monthly homeowner filter cleaning.

Do you need help deciding which heating system will work best for your home? We can help with that! Our experienced HVAC technicians will do a load calculation on your home, determining what size of heater your home will need.

We’ll be happy to help you look through your options and help you find the perfect heating solution for you and your family. We’ll give you a free estimate, taking into account your budget and home’s heating load. 

Professional Heating System Installation

It’s important to have experienced professionals install your heating system for several reasons. Only a professional heating technician can properly and safely connect to your home’s gas line. Different homes and heating systems have different features and attributes, and experience is essential when adjusting heating systems to work at peak efficiency in your home. Improper installation of heat pumps or boilers can be either unsafe or massive energy wasters.

The heating technicians at Anderson undergo extensive training to ensure they are familiar with all kinds of heating systems, all major brands and models, and the various tips, tricks, and best practices that inexperienced technicians will miss.

We ensure our technicians are current on the latest technology and equipment. With Anderson technicians on the job, you’ll know that your heater was installed correctly and will operate at peak performance, providing you with maximum comfort and minimum energy bills. 

Need heater installation in San Diego or throughout the surrounding areas? Call Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air today at (866) 374-0402 to schedule your appointment!

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