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Indoor Air Quality

Phenomenal Aire in San Diego

Phenomenal Aire Purification System Installation in San Diego

High-Tech Indoor Air Technology Eliminates COVID-19, Bacteria, Viruses, and Other Contaminants

Testing has shown that the Phenomenal Air system reduces airborne COVID-19 particle volume by 99.9 percent! That means a cleaner, safer home and a healthier life. 

At Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, we have made it our mission to seek out the best of the best of cutting-edge indoor air quality technology. We have found that the Phenomenal Aire™ Cold Plasma Generation System is a world-class product.

This high-tech air purification system eliminates over 99 percent of airborne microbes like bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and more. The results speak for themselves; consider installing this high-end air purifying system in San Diego today. 

*DiseaseReduced By
C. diff99.71%
Noro Virus96.24%
Human Coronavirus90.00%
E. Coli69.01%
*Industry-published testing data validated by 3rd party testing agencies. Test Periods are 15 to 60 minutes.

How the Phenomenal Aire System Works

The Phenomenal Aire system uses cold plasma generation technology to create what is known as Needlepoint Clusters™. These microscopic particles act as a natural scrubbing agent by producing ions that bind themselves to particles in your airstream. These particles include viruses and bacteria, gas molecules, particulate matter, mold spores, and other invisible but potentially dangerous substances.

The ionization process alone is enough to destroy many harmful microorganisms. Additional ions cause these microscopic particles to bind together through the power of physics and the natural attraction of opposite charges. By clumping these micros together, they suddenly become much larger and can no longer travel through your air filter. In other words, by making these particles larger, your already-existing air filter becomes better at doing its job!

Tests have shown that a Phenomenal Aire system can improve a MERV8 air filter’s performance up to approximately the performance of a MERV13 air filter without the costly sacrifice of energy efficiency or added strain on your air conditioner’s blower fans.

Here are just a few of the additional benefits of a Phenomenal Aire system:

  • Minimal Energy Consumption: The system only operates when your blower fans do, and the extremely low power requirement means you’ll see virtually no difference in your monthly energy bills.
  • Near-Universal Compatibility: This system can be installed in almost any already-existing central heating and cooling system, meaning practically any home or business can install one.
  • No Moving Parts: This system is exceptionally resistant to problems because there are no moving parts. In fact, they have no planned replacement parts for the life of the unit.
  • Minimal Maintenance: With no moving parts and low energy consumption, these units continue functioning at full capacity with only periodic inspections and cleaning.
  • Backed By Warranty: All units are backed by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty (with electronic registration).

The Phenomenal Aire system works in addition to your air filtration system, improving the filtration results by making particles larger and easier to catch. Our expert HVAC technicians can test your indoor air quality and see how many particles are floating around. If you are concerned about air quality, call Anderson to install the Phenomenal Air Purification System today. 

Get peace of mind knowing that your air is being scrubbed clean. Request a Phenomenal Aire system installation quote in San Diego by contacting us today.

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