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San Diego Drain Repair & Water Treatment for Your Home – 35% OFF!

Sep 28, 2023

35% Off Whole Home San Diego Water Treatment

Celebrating Our 35th Anniversary!

This year, we are celebrating 35 years of service to San Diego County. As a part of the celebration, we’re offering a great deal on a whole house water filtration system and water softener alternative. After the 35% discount, you can get this $4,400 system for only $2,860!

Why Is Water Treatment Important in San Diego?

We’ve posted several blogs on San Diego water treatment, but the short and sweet of it is that San Diego has some of the hardest water in the nation. If left untreated it can degrade your home’s plumbing, shorten the lifespan of your water heater, produce unappetizing smells and at the worst, affect your health negatively.

San Diego Water Treatment Options

There is a difference between water filtration and water conditioning (or softening). Many municipalities frown on water softeners due to the harsh chemicals used, but luckily there are some great water softener alternatives available. Other considerations include whether to use whole house water filtration versus point-of-use water filters. Our blog on how to choose a water filtration system has more detail on this.

San Diego Drain Repair

While you’ve got your home’s plumbing health in mind, find out what’s going on in your drains. San Diego drain cleaning is one of our specialties and another 35th-anniversary offer is a whole house video inspection at 35% off. Inspecting all of your drains for potential hazards would typically cost $250, but contact us in August and take preventative action for only $87.50! Take Advantage of This Water Filtration and Plumbing Special! These offers will be available until August 31, 2103. While you don’t have to schedule service right away, it’s recommended that you go ahead and contact us for information in case we get a rush of orders late in the month. See that form over there to the right? It’s the appointment request form. Just fill it out and mention the “water treatment offer” or “video drain inspection offer” in the appointment needs box. One of our helpful customer service reps will get back to you within 24 hours and answer any questions you may have and get you on your way to a healthy, happy home! Not really a “forms” type of person? Call the number at the top of the page to talk to the same friendly staff member and mention the offer you are interested in. Easy-peasy!

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