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Air Conditioning Services in San Diego

Handling All Your Residential Cooling Needs

If you need air conditioning services in San Diego or throughout the surrounding area, Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air is the name to trust. With more than 40 years of industry experience, we are capable of installing new systems, repairing existing units, replacing outdated equipment, and conducting thorough AC maintenance services. Additionally, we offer a wide range of cooling products to help you keep your home comfortable all year long!

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AC Services We Provide

At Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, your comfort is our number one priority. No matter the AC service you need, you can rest assured that we’ll respond quickly to your call, helping you get your home back to the level of comfort you need. Our technicians are highly-trained, meaning we are capable of servicing all types of cooling systems, as well as every make and model of equipment.

“Bryan and Jake came to do our regular maintenance. We told them about a small issue we were having. They immediately went to work diagnosing and fixing the problem. They explained what they found and what they had done to improve our comfort, then explained what the maintenance work was and when we should do system maintenance again. I wish all companies were this good.” - Linda B.

Our San Diego AC services include but are not limited to:

Our service technicians rely on the latest HVAC technology and state-of-the-art tools in order to provide you with superior service. Unlike many other heating and cooling companies, we don’t push products or services just to make a buck—instead, we’ll always provide you with our honest advice and professional recommendations. You can rest assured that our San Diego AC services stand above the rest!

Learn More About Title 24

Title 24 is an energy efficiency standard that the State of California put into place about 40 years ago. The goal? To make sure air conditioning and HVAC units in California aren’t using more power or resources than they need to keep your home cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, some inexperienced or unscrupulous HVAC companies will skip this important legal requirement.

Today, we have this code to thank for many of the state’s successes in managing energy costs. However, Title 24 compliance can be difficult to obtain, requiring a minimum of two inspections in order to pass. First, you must pass an HERS inspection, then another one from your city or county, depending on where you’re located. All in all, this can make obtaining compliance a real chore to handle on your own.

That’s why, when you purchase a new unit through Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, we handle everything. When you purchase a new system through Anderson, the first Title 24 inspection is by our meticulous QC inspectors, who ensure everything is properly done prior to your two official inspections. That way you give yourself the best chance of passing both of these tests the first time and you don’t waste time or money waiting for repeat tests that could have otherwise been avoided. Anderson is 100 percent compliant with Title 24’s legal code requirements, and our multi-inspection approach assures you that your system is fully code-compliant and your family and loved ones are safe. And the best part, you won’t have to sweat the small stuff, we’ll take care of it for you!

Here’s a helpful video that explains Title 24 in more detail:

How to Run Your Air Conditioning Most Efficiently

SDG&E suggests setting your AC thermostat to 78°F or higher. Keep your blinds and shades closed, and if you are going without AC, leave the windows open slightly.

"Starting your air conditioning system early in the day is a must. When we all start our systems at the same time, the supply voltage to the neighborhood and individual homes will drop. We see lots of blown capacitors and fuses caused by the power drop. It can be very costly and hard to service everyone during heat spells. A service call can easily be avoided with this tip!" – Mary Jean Anderson, President Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air

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Staying cool is important, especially during San Diego’s warmer summer months. If you need AC repairs, replacement, or installation, our team is ready to get the job done quickly and correctly—the first time. We also offer routine AC maintenance designed to help your system last longer, work more efficiently, and keep you cool all year long.

Give us a call at (866) 374-0402 to schedule your AC service today! Free price quotes are available for new product installations. Call today to learn more.

Tips & Advice

Tips & Advice From Our Experts

  • Why Is It Important to Protect Your Heating and Air System?
    When investing in a new comfort system ( heating and air conditioning), or keeping the one you have to run at peak efficiency, it's important to keep it maintained. One of the biggest causes of breakdown is dirty coils and motors. A great solution is getting routine maintenance like you would for your personal vehicle. For HVAC systems, annual maintenance is recommended (and required in some warranties). Even better, is to add an air filtration and purification system. An air conditioner evaporator coil that has dirt as thin as plastic wrap will cause you to lose 20% efficiency! Also, the dirt can cause the motors and compressor to overwork. This causes increased utility bills and breakdowns.
    Bryan, HVAC Service & Sales Manager
  • About the VIP Advantage Membership

    The Anderson VIP Advantage Membership is designed to help busy people manage some of their home maintenance issues. We’ll schedule annual tune-ups on your air conditioner or heater to maintain your warranties and do your annual plumbing inspection too! You’ll get the VIP discount for all other services and front of the line privileges for the quickest response time.

    We know you’re busy, so let us help keep your home running smoothly!

    Mary Jean, President
  • Easy DIY for Better AC & Heating Efficiency
    No need to call a heating and air conditioning repair or installation contractor for this easy task. Simply purchase a new air filter and replace the current one. Your air quality and efficiency will be improved by this simple step. Be sure to check your air filter every 30 days during summer use, and replace it when needed.
    Bryan, HVAC Service & Sales Manager
  • When to Replace Heating & Air Conditioning System
    A common question I get asked is, “When do I need to replace my furnace or air conditioner?" Actually, you can keep repairing virtually forever, but this is not necessarily cost effective. A good rule of thumb is: Replace when your heat pump or air conditioner is more than 10 years old, and your furnace when it is 15 years old (or repair costs start to exceed the value of unit). Heating and cooling equipment has become MUCH more efficient in recent years. Replacement of older, less efficient systems should absolutely be considered now based on current financing options, tax benefits, municipality rebates and low-interest rates. You should consider replacement if you have any of these concerns: System needs expensive repairs, the utility bill is too high, rooms are too hot or too cold, you have humidity problems, your home has excessive dust, or the system is too noisy.
    Mary Jean, President
  • Is a Permit Required for New Heating & Air Conditioning?
    Don't be fooled by contractors telling you that a permit is not required. Pulling a permit for all HVAC equipment replacements is required by the California State Licensing Board. Some contractors might say it is not their responsibility to pull a permit when installing new HVAC equipment in your home. They might even tell you it will save you money not to pull a permit, or that it's the homeowner's responsibility to pull the permit. But the CSLB mandates a permit must be pulled and closed out by the contractor. NOT THE HOMEOWNER! The contractor is also responsible for providing you provide you with Title 24 HERS testing. Homeowners should consider checking a contractor's license status if they are trying to avoid pulling a permit.
    Bryan, HVAC Service & Sales Manager
  • What Is Title 24 and HERS Testing?
    Title 24 HERS Testing came into law in 2008. It is a set of rules and regulations set by California contractors to ensure energy efficiencies are being adhered to. The goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy waste, and to provide California with an adequate, reasonably-priced, and environmentally-sound supply of energy, and to meet the Executive Order in the Green Building Initiative. With the installation of any new heating and air conditioning equipment, a contractor is required to provide you with Title 24 HERS testing. Many homeowners are unaware of this, so some contractors don't provide it. But you are an educated homeowner!
    Bryan, HVAC Service & Sales Manager
  • What Is a Residential Split System?
    Not to be confused with ductless mini split systems, a residential split system is where you have the furnace or air handler in the house - either in the garage, hallway or attic, and the outdoor air conditioner (also known as the condensing unit ) is outside on the side of the house. It's called a split system because one is inside, another one is outside. Otherwise, there are HVAC package units where the whole system is combined, and it looks like a box that sits on top of the house.
    Bryan, HVAC Service Manager
  • Do You Have Dirty Sock Syndrome?

    Associated with residential split systems, the term “Dirty Socks Syndrome” describes an odor generated by environmental fungi and/or bacteria that accumulate on the indoor coil. They can be ‘activated’ by the combination of moisture and heat commonly produced in air conditioning system operation.

    Dirty Socks Syndrome can vary from mildly offensive odors described as smelling like old hair tonic, or moldy hay - to extremely offensive odors, often described in terms that would offend the more delicate sensitivities of the general public. “Dirty Socks” provides a good comparative description of the odor.

    Eliminating the contaminants would exclude the possibility of Dirty Socks Syndrome, whether or not the system is operating at or near design conditions. If you're experiencing Dirty Sock Syndrome, we're happy to advise on the best methods for removing the odor. Give us a call anytime!

    Bryan, HVAC Service & Sales Manager
  • Reduce Allergens Inside Your Home
    These days our homes have become “germ buckets”, my term! The new building codes and tighter homes keep the weather outside, but they also keep germs inside. The Environmental Protection Agency, states, “air indoors where we spend as much as 90 percent of our time can be more polluted than even city smog”. Dust collecting on end tables and bookshelves is only a fraction of what's actually swimming around in the air. If you are like me, allergic to dust mites, pollen, dander, mold, and smoke, look into a whole-home air filtration system. It works for me and most others concerned about their health!
    Mary Jean, President
  • When Is a Good Time for a Heating and Air Tune-Up?
    Your heating and cooling system is like a car. When you drive a car, the manufacturer requires you to have routine maintenance done to keep the car running efficiently. This is the same for your HVAC system. Changing filters, cleaning coils, and checking all of your electrical connections is essential to maximizing both the life of your home comfort system and its efficiency. The average homeowner will overlook having this done and will end up paying higher electric bills due to energy waste, or they will likely need costly repairs that could have been prevented. Many system warranties are voided without annual maintenance, one more good reason to get regular tune-ups! The best advice I can give is to be sure to schedule an annual tune-up - or ask about the Anderson VIP Advantage Membership. It's best to schedule tune-ups in spring or fall before heating and air services are busy with emergency breakdown calls.
  • How to Keep Electric Bills Down
    Do you feel like your summer electric bill has been sky-rocketing? When an air conditioner starts to age, homeowners end up over-paying for comfort. When this happens, it's time to look into investing in a new, high-efficiency system. With the rapid advances in heating and cooling technology, it makes much more sense to invest the money in a new system, rather than paying for wasted energy. New systems often come with energy efficiency rebates and several great financing options. Add to that, the money that is saved on energy bills after they are installed, this becomes a no-brainer. Not only will you be more comfortable in your home, it's much more satisfying to invest in your home than it is to send money to the electric company!
    Bryan, HVAC Service & Sales Manager
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