Is Your Home A Healthy Home?

Living in an arid region means that San Diego’s water must travel long distances to our homes. As the water travels over the land or through the ground, it dissolves naturally occurring minerals like calcium, magnesium and other contaminants. As a result, our water is extremely hard – and heavily chlorinated.

These factors, along with our ongoing threat of water shortage, make choosing the right water treatment solutions for your home and family more important than ever to maximize water conservation and ensure the health of your family.Health Benefits of Home Filtered Water

  • Filtered water is chlorine-free

Chlorine is used to clean the impurities from the water; however, it is not necessarily safe to consume, especially in large quantities.

  • No Metals or Minerals

Other impurities are removed including sediment, mold, dirt, and rust that come from old, rusty or dirty pipes that your tap water runs through. Avoid consuming these impurities.

  • Better Taste and Smell

Tap water can taste less appealing and carry an unpleasant smell. Enjoy a cleaner/more purified taste.

  • Removes Bad Bacteria

Avoid thousands of microorganisms in your water supply that can make your family sick due to diseases born of excessive bacteria. Water with filtered microorganisms is safer for consumption.

  • Provides Necessary Vitamins and Minerals

Filtering water keeps the good parts in and the bad bacteria out. Some of these vitamins and minerals include magnesium and potassium.

Break The Bottled Water Habit

How many times have you thought about breaking the bottled water habit? Whether you’re just tired of hauling bottled water into the house, sick of the expense, or trying to be more environmentally responsible, these are all solid reasons to break the bottled water habit.

The Secondary Effect of Hard Water – Scale

Scale is that corrosion you see around your faucets and showerheads, and it also creates buildup in your water pipes. You may also see this corrosion on the dishwasher, washing machine or ice maker connections.

Many people mistakenly assume water filtration systems will also address the issue of scale. And once upon a time, the solution was known as water softeners. This involved two tanks, frequent changing of the softening agent, etc, etc.

Today the preferred solution is an electronic Anti-Scale System which not only eliminates scale from faucets and fixtures but also removes pre-existing scale from pipes. And these environmentally friendly systems are relatively maintenance free!

Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

  • Remove bad taste and odors
  • Reduce known and unknown impurities in your water
  • Enjoy great quality drinking water
  • Eliminate your dependency on bottled water
  • Extends the life of your appliances – less corrosion
  • Cleaner laundry and less spotting on glasses and dishes
  • No tank swaps or media changes for up to 10 years!

Benefits Of Anti-Scale Systems

  • Eliminate scale from forming on faucets and fixtures
  • Extend the useful life of water using appliances
  • Improve energy efficiency of water-using appliances
  • Remove pre-existing scale
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Clean-up is easier – no hard water calcification on surfaces!

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Three Options For Your Family

At Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, our Water Filtration Experts will evaluate what options make the most sense for your family, your home, your lifestyle and your budget.


The Under Sink Filter is perfect for providing filtered water to a single faucet. It will remove bad taste and odors and you’ll enjoy great quality drinking water while eliminating dependency on bottled water.


The Whole Home Carbon Water Filtration System provides quality drinking water from every tap in your home. In the kitchen, it will eliminate spots and scale buildup on glasses and dishes, in the laundry your clothes will be cleaner and last longer, and in the bathroom, you’ll feel less dryness on your skin and hair.


The Whole Home Carbon Water Filtration System PLUS Anti-Scale System gives you all the benefits mentioned above PLUS it eliminates scale from faucets and fixtures, extends the life of your appliances and water pipes, and removes pre-existing scale,

Water Reports and Statistics

California mandates that water utilities provide consumers with a comprehensive annual Drinking Water Quality Report that details water treatment, water properties and updates on water infrastructure, in addition to contact information for a variety of water utility and conservation organizations. These reports are available online at City of San Diego Public Utilities Water Quality.

Included in the reports are measurements of water hardness. Water hardness is measured by grains per gallon (gpg). Soft water measures 0-3.5 gpg; moderate: 3.5-7.0 gpg; hard: 7.0-10.5 gpg; very hard: over 10.5 gpg. Typically, water from San Diego’s treatment plants exceed 12 gpg averages about 16 gpg. (Per City of San Diego Public Utilities Water Reports) Ask Anderson about hard water tests to determine the levels in your home and to discuss the options of Whole Home Water Filtration versus adding a Water Softener System.

Bring the benefits of filtered water to your home! Contact Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air today at (619) 361-7507!


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