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Your San Diego Plumbing: Getting to the Root of the Problem

Jan 22, 2014

So what exactly could a San Diego plumber find lurking in your pipes?

Many homeowners expect a few routine plumbing issues every now and again, things like the occasional clogged toilet or stopped-up garbage disposal. These issues are often the result of a toy or too much paper product having been flushed or too large/too much food material being put down the sink. But if they are common, they could be a sign of much bigger issues with your plumbing.

San Diego Plumbing: At the Root of the Problem

One day, the toilet stops up. Another, the shower has low water pressure. A few days later, you find the basement flooded with raw sewage… the nightmare begins. You call a San Diego emergency plumber to look at the pipes (unfortunately, there’s already massive cleanup needed in the disaster zone that is now your basement).

The plumber finds, most likely with a video drain inspection (so they don’t have to tear up floors or walls), that the issue lies not in the pipes within your home, but instead in the external plumbing. The camera reveals that tree roots have cracked the pipe and now grow into it, creating not only a leak from the pipe itself but also a severe blockage.

What’s the fix for plumbing issues caused by tree roots?

The solution to the problem varies by the location of the pipe. A lateral line blockage could occur four feet below ground level or even 13 feet down. It could be in the backyard or under a driveway. The location will, of course, affect the repair cost, but regardless of the location, the problem needs to be fixed or your home’s plumbing will remain out of commission. Read more about trenchless sewer lining to avoid tearing up too much of your property.

Tree roots in pipes is not uncommon

A tree root intrusion is not an everyday occurrence, but it does happen quite often. This is typically in either older homes or in homes with large trees planted in close proximity to the home itself. Established large trees put the home at risk nearly immediately, but even new homes could find problems 10 years or so down the road based on the trees’ growth rates.

To give your pipes a fighting chance, plant trees away from the home and as far from plumbing lines, including your home’s lateral line, as possible. If you do find yourself with sewage issues and clogged pipes, make sure that you have contact info for a licensed and insured, San Diego plumber on hand.

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