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The Top Places to Put a Ductless Unit

Sep 25, 2019

Living in San Diego, you already know that the weather is usually mild and enjoyable. It’s no shock that many homes in the area aren’t equipped with central air units or air ducts — so when the temperatures do rise or drop they might find it hard to keep individual rooms in their home comfortable.

And for those homes that have recently had new construction done, or a simple renovation can still have a few rooms that are just not entirely equipped to handle the temps. Enter: The Ductless Mini-Split System. For many, it’s an energy-efficient way to get an even temperature without the need to add ductwork — especially when it comes to home renovations. So, if you are looking for a way to keep your home cool and comfortable, consider adding a ductless mini-split unit in the following rooms:

A Newly Added Room

When you begin new construction to expand your home you, of course, first think of how you are going to decorate it and the timeframe and equipment it will take. However, how do you plan to control the temperature? When adding extra space to your home (i.e., a sunroom), the last thing you want to think of is adding new ductwork. Instead, a ductless unit can work as your own zoned heating and cooling system. Using it when you need it, or when the room is occupied, is also more energy-efficient than investing in new ductwork.

A Detached Workspace

For many who have their own space, such as a “man cave” or “she-shed,” could be the most significant addition to their home. If that hideaway happens to be detached, you’ll want to find a way to keep the temperatures cool and comfortable — and a ductless mini-split unit can do the trick! With the option to quickly cool or warm the area in seconds, you can extend your “me time” and thoroughly enjoy every benefit that your new space has to offer!

A ductless mini-split system is not only energy-efficient, but it’s relatively easy to install, too. Schedule your San Diego ductless Heating and AC service today! Call today or contact us online to discuss your needs with a member of the Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air team.

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