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How To Unclog A Drain with a Drain Snake

May 24, 2011

When you have a clogged drain, it never is a pretty site. Everyone is panicking, water is going everywhere, and it could be even a larger problem very quick. So, to be ready for that plumbing emergency, you need to purchase a drain cleaning snake. How to judge what size drain snake you will need to unclog a drain is important. Here is some advice to help.

What Size Snake to Use

Drain snakes are also called drain augers and sewer snakes. How the drain snake works are taking the tool and rotating it in a spiral motion going downwards. You go until you feel the clog. At the end of the snake is like a corkscrew or hook to either push the clog through or to pull it out.

When all else fails a sewer snake that runs on power will have to be used. To use this size snake to unclog a drain, make sure you can be within two feet of the clog. If you can’t, for safety, take cable and run it through a PVC pipe. Because of it being wet and slick, it can turn loose and cause injury. Place the snake drain into the drain and keep feeding it until it resists and then forms an arch. Tighten the screw down on the unit so no more will be fed and turn on the machine to take care of the clog.

A toilet auger snake drain is like the hand one from above but it will be longer. They average around three feet. The end of the snake drain has a coating of porcelain so the inside surface of the toilet doesn’t get scratched and the drain doesn’t get damaged. Just use it gently just like the kitchen or bathroom sink.

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