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3 Home Resolutions for 2023

Dec 13, 2022

With the start of a new year often comes a list of wishes and new habits, we all look to throw into our daily lives. For many, they might want to learn a new instrument, pay more attention to the food they consume, go on a new and exciting adventure, or save more money.

So what about resolutions, or helpful tasks, that involve your beloved San Diego home? By incorporating these three home resolutions into your list, you’ll see better savings in 2023:

Home Resolutions for the New Year

1. Go Green

Now is the perfect time to reconsider your home habits. Although many instantly think of recycling when the term “going green” is brought into the conversation, there are small, daily steps you can change or adapt to be more green in your living space. For starters — your water waste is a good first step. Regularly, without care, many homeowners waste more H2O than they may realize.

You can ensure your water usage is always at a minimum by:

  • Shortening your showers, by a few minutes, daily
  • Shutting the water off while you brush
  • Making the switch to low-flow fixtures

In fact, by switching to a low-flow toilet, you could save approximately 13,000 gallons of water a year! For more on the importance of home water conservation, view » The Anderson Video Library.

2. Consider Cleaner Home Water

Hard water comes as no surprise to most San Diego homeowners, but many don’t know that there are a variety of water filtration and softening systems available to fulfill a wide range of needs. First and foremost, think about the savings on bottled water and the residual plastic going to the recycling center. And did you know, these systems will also extend the life of your appliances like the washer and dishwasher and icemaker as well as help prevent the corrosion on your faucets. And you will save on shampoo and detergent too!

For some, a whole home filtration system might be the perfect fit for you. And if you’re on a smaller budget, maybe a point-of-use water filtration system might be a better option. If you’re not too sure which option will be the most beneficial in your home, a plumbing professional can test your water and provide options on the best solution for you!

3. Take Care of Your Minor Plumbing Problems

Far too many times, emergency plumbing problems occur due to a minor problem that was ignored. Though not every small thing needs to be professionally repaired the moment you spot it, several little things could not only head to a bigger issue but could be leading to some significant water waste.

With the new year should come to new plumbing habits. For starters, look for minor leaks and get them repaired as soon as possible. If you hear a loud or gurgling drain, get it cleared or cleaned. Ultimately, the sooner you take care of these plumbing occurrences, the less costly it will be down the road.

Plumbing and HVAC Services in San Diego

Whether you are looking for a plumbing upgrade or to keep your HVAC system at its best, the professionals at Anderson are here to help! Call (866) 374-0402 to request an appointment today! Emergency service available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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