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'How To' Series

  • How to Change an Air Filter!

    Ever wondered how to change an air filter? The great Vito and Kyle are ready to teach you how! First things first: Your ...

  • How to Unclog a Drain

    Kyle and James are here to explain all the steps you should take when a major clog occurs.

  • Anderson's Tip Tuesday | Aerator Man!

    #TipTuesday | What's Aerator Man's arch nemesis? Hard water and he will not rest until it's defeated! Head over to the ...

Anderson Video Library

Family Health Series

  • What is an Air Scrubber?

    Welcome to the Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air laboratory! Kyle and Vito are back to explain just why our Air Scrubber ...

  • Indoor Air Quality

    Here's the real truth about the indoor air quality in your home!

  • Water Treatment

    San Diego County's water travels so far to get here and this makes it the hardest water in the nation. Anderson ...

Anderson Video Library

Conservation Series

  • Water Conservation

    We’re all trying to get smarter about our water usage, so here’s a couple of easy tips you can do yourself. If you think ...

  • Water Pressure Regulator

    Does your home have a water pressure regulator? This little gadget controls the pressure of the water coming into your ...

  • Anderson's Water Conservation Home Makeover Part #1: Water Pressure Regulator

    Water conservation is designed to save homeowners like you lots of water, energy, and money. First up, the main water ...

  • Anderson's Water Conservation Home Makeover Part #2: Low Flow Shower heads Anderson Plumbing

    In part 2 of our water conservation home makeover, Kyle and Jerry head to the bathroom to check for low flow ...

  • Anderson's Water Conservation Home Makeover Part #3: Low Flow Toilets

    For the 3rd and final part of the Water Conservation Home Makeover, Kyle and Jerry give toilet upgrades aw whirl! There ...

  • Anderson's Tip Tuesday: Whole-house Fans

    Kyle and Bryan discuss the difference between a whole-house fan and an attic fan.

  • Anderson's Tip Tuesdays: Switching to a Tankless Water Heater

    Kyle and Jerry are here to discuss the many reasons you'll want to upgrade to a tankless water heater unit today!

Anderson Video Library

Homeowner Explainer Series

  • Anderson's Tip Tuesday: Title 24

    #TipTuesday: Title 24 gets you the most efficiency out of your HVAC investment, and not only are we the best at it, but ...

  • Can I Add AC to my Existing Heating System?

    This #TipTuesday, Kyle, and Patrick answer the common question of: "Can I add AC to my existing heating system?" Find ...

  • What to Expect With an HVAC Install

    This #TipTuesday: Kyle and Theresa are here to explain the 5 steps of an HVAC installation job.

  • HVAC Systems Explained!

    Eden explain the step by step process of how your HVAC system works to keep your home comfortable! HVAC stands for ...

  • Plumbing Makeover

    Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air has many products to start your home's plumbing remodel.

  • Tune-Ups

    It's time to tune-up your air conditioning for 3 reasons - find out why.

  • Mr. Water Heater

    Meet Mr. Water Heater and his sister, Tankless Water Heater and find out which is the better product in your home.

  • AC Tune-Ups Explained

    Want to know what an AC Tune-Up entails? Katie and Kyle have the answers!

  • Replace Ductwork Explained

    Today, we’re talking about whole-house air duct replacements! Why? Because an outdated duct design can make your home ...

Anderson Video Library

New Products

  • Welcoming the Anderson Brand

    San Diego residents have a new option in HVAC systems! Anderson Brand air conditioners and heaters have excellent ...

  • iComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat System from Lennox

    Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air is really impressed with the iComfort Wi-Fi Thermostat System from Lennox.

  • Anderson's Tip Tuesdays: What is a Wifi Thermostat

  • Anderson Heating & Cooling System

    We have the last heating & cooling system you'll ever need to buy. We have great financing options as well.

  • Two Guys Talk Bidets

    The Toto Washlet will allow you to bring luxury into your own home! Just see why Brett can't get enough of his! While ...

Anderson Video Library


  • Troops to Trades

    Troops to Trades helps veterans find work in the plumbing, heating, AC and electrical industries by providing ...

  • Recruiting

    We are on a mission to wow our clients every time. We are looking for great people to help us do this. We employ ...

  • Troops to Trades pt. 2

    Anderson Plumbing Heating & Air creates great careers for returning military.