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Why Tune Up Your Air Conditioner

Aug 09, 2011

Of course, we are all aware that mechanical equipment will require maintenance that is proper and tune-ups that are regular. This would, of course, include the air conditioner. If your air conditioner does not get a regular tune-up, it will lose efficiency, increase opportunity for failure, cost more to run and will shorten its life expectancy. In fact, most manufacturers will void your warranty of your system is not properly maintained.

Why Should You Tune Up Your Home Air Conditioner?

When the unit is not maintained, it will lose approximately 5% of its efficiency every yearly. Of course, there is news that is good for those of you who are not maintaining your system. You can get that lost efficiency back by having the system tuned and then complying with an annual maintenance. There are studies that show when the unit has maintenance or tune-ups regularly, the AC will maintain 95% of that efficiency.

If you cannot commit to regular maintenance, at the very least you should replace your filters. There are many replacement filters for the air conditioner and come in many different types and sizes. Many of these are not very expensive and will be easy to change. They will play a big role in how the air conditioner works. With any machine, you will have to look at the operation manual to see how you will have to replace the filter on the AC Unit.

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