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What Is Epoxy Pipe Lining?

Apr 05, 2011

What is epoxy pipe lining?

Epoxy pipe lining is an alternative to replacing old, leaking, or corroded pipes and works by coating the inside of the current pipes (such as copper) with an epoxy resin. This type of pipe lining is designed to prevent future damage to the pipes (such as corrosion or pinholes) and repair current damage commonly found in traditional piping materials.

Copper Pipe vs. Epoxy Lining

Copper piping is a common plumbing material found in homes and other buildings. Overtime copper piping can erode and eventually start to leak, resulting in costly repairs and maintenance.

It’s normal for copper pipes to eventually wear out, but this doesn’t mean you have to replace your entire plumbing system. By installing an epoxy lining, you can effectively repair damaged pipes and prevent future damage as well.

How does epoxy pipe lining work?

During the epoxy lining process, the inside of the inside of the pipes are “sanded down” with silica particles to remove any particles or build up caused by the corrosion.

In doing this process, equipment will catch the debris where the pipes go up or down. Then, epoxy liquid is blown down the pipes and will be allowed to harden. This can take just a few hours.

The Epoxy is a thin coating. So, nothing heavy can be used. This is perfect for in between the walls and floors to prevent damage and cannot be used as relining sewer pipes.

Is epoxy pipe lining safe?

Another thing is, Epoxy is safe for water drinking consumption and bathing. This is considered a food grade that is used inside of cans. If a person had plumbing experience, this saves, even more, money as this can be a do it yourself project.

How to tell if your home is ready for Epoxy pipe lining? See how old the house is and see if there are any signs that the pipes are becoming corroded. Also, see where in your house is the copper plumbing. They may only be outside for example. The earlier it is caught, the fewer problems there will be in the future.


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