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Washer Hose Failure

May 26, 2011

When it comes to home maintenance, appliances are very important to check. Your washer or wash machine is one of those. Every time you hear the bouncing or moving of the washer, it makes it off balance.

Preventative Maintenance

Also, there could be too many clothes placed in the washer. That will help maintain the proper balance when washing. The washer has to be leveled. When the washer is not, it yanks and pulls the washer hoses.

When the washer hoses are constantly being moved, it loosens them up connecting to the faucet. This needs to be constantly checked and tightened up. Also, once a month check to see if the wash machine is leveled.

When connecting the washer hose to the wash machine there is a rubber gasket to connect them. This is important as this little gasket can dry rot and wear out with time.

After constant wear and tear on the wash machine hoses, they will break and crack. When this happens disaster will happen. You could come home and there is water damage to the room as the hose is obviously connected to the hot and cold water.

With hot water, someone can get burned depending on how high the water is. The floor would have to be replaced along with anything else that was ruined and damaged.

Check the washer hose once a month and replace them every three to five years. This also adds life back to your washer also as you are using it properly by keeping it level and washing the clothes correctly.

Protecting your home from a washer hose failure is important. Just add it to your checklist of preventive maintenance for the home. Do not also forget to use preventive maintenance for your dryer.

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