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These Back to School Activities Could Be Clogging Your Drains

Sep 10, 2018

The school year is here! As your house starts to get in its usual fall routine, we want to remind you of one thing, and that is proper drain care. While you are prepping for bedtime, running back and forth to practice, or fighting over who has to take a bath next — these little bad habits could lead to significant plumbing issues.

To ensure your drains don’t cause a considerable clog, here’s what to remember:

After Dinner Cleanup

When it comes to scraping and cleaning your plates, always do so into the garbage before the sink. This step is even more vital if you own a garbage disposal. Many common dinner foods, grease, and oils can all get stuck to your pipes and drains, swell, and lead to a significant backup. So before your kids clear the table, make sure they place scraps in the trash, (whatever they didn’t sneak to the dog!).

No Drain Catchers

Bath time can be a headache of its own, but if you’re not adequately ensuring that your kid’s shedding isn’t going straight down the shower drain, you’ll be in for a gross and unnecessary mess. With a simple plastic shower drain catcher, you can catch hair with ease and leave your pipes shampoo and hair-free.

Other common drain clog causes include:

  • Kids using your toilet as a toy
  • Excess toothpaste and bath products in the sink
  • Flushing things other than toilet paper

To ensure you’re not continually breaking out the plunger, keep these tips in mind so you can have a clog-free fall!

If you are constantly battling with drain clogs that a plunger just won’t fix, the experts at Anderson are here to help! Schedule a drain cleaning or sewer service today.

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