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San Diego Water – Signs You Need Water Treatment

Apr 10, 2013

When to Consider San Diego Water Treatment

In San Diego, water treatment is an important consideration. Water contaminants vary greatly based on your particular location. Water quality can be affected by many factors including oil refinement, landfills, gasoline storage, farms, dry cleaners, and factories as well as natural conditions like salt water. Because San Diego imports water, we also have some of the hardest water in the nation.

Indicators You Need San Diego Water Treatment

  • Suspicious smells – chlorine, musty, rotten egg, gasoline
  • Suspicious taste – metallic, salty, acidic
  • Suspicious appearance – rusty, cloudy, discoloration of porcelain or cookware
  • Blackening or pitting of a steel sink

These are all pretty obvious, but many toxins are colorless and tasteless. The only way to truly know if your water is safe and meets EPA standards is a thorough laboratory analysis. Our San Diego plumbers can provide a prompt, easy, complete analysis. Clean water makes your household cleaner and healthier, your drinks more refreshing and your food more delicious. San Diego water treatment helps your plumbing systems, like your pipes and water heater last longer, and quality water can even improve your complexion!

Doesn’t the City of San Diego Treat the Water?

Municipal water is treated to make it safe for drinking, but the chemicals used to do this and the by-products they generate should be removed once the water gets to your house. The chemicals used in treatment can be hard on your plumbing system even causing pinhole leaks in some instances. Reducing the impurities in your home’s water is good for your family and for your home.

San Diego Water Treatment Options

Water Filtration

Filtration can occur either at the point of entry, filtering all of the water in the home, or at the point of use, filtering the water from that specific outlet.

Water Softeners

Many people don’t realize that water filters are not water softeners and do not remove scale build-up. For more information on softeners and softener alternatives, contact us. If you have water concerns, we have solutions. From small, reverse-osmosis units that filter contaminants out of your tap water, to soft water systems that make your whole household cleaner.

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