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San Diego Furnace Repair & Maintenance Tips: Start Thinking About Your Furnace Now

Sep 05, 2012

We strongly encourage San Diego homeowners to be proactive about maintaining their heating system. Regular San Diego furnace maintenance is important to avoid breakdowns when temperatures suddenly dip or after a furnace sits dormant for too long. The benefit is really that tune-ups actually pay for themselves in energy savings and are recommended by SDG&E. Furthermore, they ultimately extend the life of your heating system.

Often times in life we know we need to be proactive about a matter, but it keeps slipping our minds. Then we all know what happens…that molehill actually becomes a mountain. That’s why we give pre-season discounts on San Diego furnace repair and maintenance. We want to encourage San Diego homeowners to knock it out before that odd October freeze causes a complete system meltdown, costing them closer to $2,000-$5000! Then an annual $69 tune-up, doesn’t sound so bad.

Your San Diego Furnace: 10 Tips for Maintenance

  • Check the pilot light to make sure it is burning. Some furnaces need to be lit by hand if the pilot light goes out.
  • Follow the instructions for relighting. They are usually printed on the access doors. If you have difficulty or are not confident relighting the pilot light, call a qualified heating system professional for help.
  • A dirty air filter clogs the air flow and can overwork your heating system. Vacuum out any dust or debris in and around the unit. Again, consult a furnace repair professional if you are not sure how to do this.
  • Check or replace the filter every 30 days.
  • Lubricate the blower motor or call a trusted heating contractor.
  • Check the burner for corrosion by removing the flame shield. Turn the fan off and on, checking the flames to conform to proper operation.
  • Make sure the flue has no gaps or dents and that it is it is venting properly to the outdoors.
  • Vacuum all dust from air vents around the house.
  • Make sure the vents’ motion function correctly and the vents are clear of furniture rugs, drapes, and any other potential blockage.
  • Get your heating system tuned-up annually.

Visit our San Diego furnace repair page for details on what is included in an annual inspection. Or call us to inquire about our VIP Service Agreement that includes annual inspections, additional savings, no emergency fees and priority service. Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air is a 6-time winner of the BBB Torch Awards for Ethical Business & Marketing Practices and we have An A+ BBB rating. “Nobody WOWs Clients Like We Do!”

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