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San Diego Drain Repair: Sewer Camera Inspections Save Time and Money

Nov 14, 2012

Who should have a sewer and drain camera inspection?

If you’ve experienced one sewer or drain backup in need of drain cleaning, it likely won’t be the last. They are no fun to deal with, but as a plumbing system starts to age and fail, these things happen. By having a plumbing video inspection you can quickly and efficiently identify what’s causing the problem and determine whether you have a one-time problem or if it may actually be a recurring issue. Drain and sewer video inspections can identify deterioration from aging, intrusive roots or other damage without digging, which saves a tremendous amount of time and money.

What does a sewer camera inspection consist of?

We use professional drain inspection camera systems and software that relay images to a mobile van unit so that our plumbers can assess the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer. There is absolutely no disruption to your property or the environment. Typically, it takes no more than 2 hours to complete a thorough residential sewer camera video inspection.

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms around your property, you should consider a sewer camera inspection to determine the appropriate solution:

Foul Sewer Odor

Sewer odor is usually blocked by water in the drain traps or by vents that only allow airflow in one direction (out of the building). If the water in the drain traps evaporates, the odors can rise up the drain into the home. If a vent pipe is damaged or not joined properly, the outdoor air pressure can force sewer odors into your property.

Backed-up Sewer Line

Sewer lines back up due to blockages. Blockages can include root intrusion, debris, grease build-up, or a crushed pipe.

Unusual Growth in Specific Area of your Yard

Your sewer line could be leaking water and waste into your yard. The area takes in the extra moisture and “nutrients”. An area like this may be significantly different in color and growth rate and indicates you may have a sewer leak.

For San Diego drain repair and sewer repair, video camera inspection is the best and most cost-effective way to go. If you already have a drainage problem or want to avoid one in the future, this is a quick and accurate way to get a detailed look at the condition of your underground drains and pipes.

Sewer Camera Inspections Can Identify the Following:

  • Cracked sewer lateral (underground pipe that connects the home to the sewer line)
  • Bellied (dip or loss of positive slope) drain line
  • Separated lateral joint
  • Debris blockage
  • Root intrusion
  • Leaking pipe joints
  • Deteriorated piping materials

If you have concerns about your sewer or drains, give us a call at (866) 374-0402 or request an appointment online.

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