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Leaking Pipes

Jul 20, 2010

Technician with water heaterFuel costs rising, food costs rising and now the ever increasing cost of insuring your home. “Last year was a ‘perfect storm’ situation [for property insurance],” says Peter Moraga, spokesperson for the insurance Information Network of California. “Now we’re seeing some of those rippling effects.” (statement made after 9/11)

…and the hits just keep on coming, our wildfires, stock market changes, and now an alarming volume of residential water leak claims have our insurance industry scrambling.

The main culprit… chemical changes in our water supply. It is causing copper pipe to fail at an alarming rate. (But more about that later)

Consider this excerpt from a recent article on homeowner insurance rates “Home owner insurance rate increases are due mainly to claims and litigation as a result of water damage that results in toxic molds in states like Texas and California”.

Even more alarming, insurance carriers are canceling homeowners insurance or failing to renew.

I was frankly angry, Mr Baiegel said, referring to the fact that his insurance company of 12 years had just refused him coverage after filing a claim for a pinhole water leak. It was only his second claim in 12 years. To make matters worse, because Mr. Baigels claim was logged in a nationwide database and all companies had access, it was extremely difficult for him to obtain insurance for his home. “It is almost like your property has been blacklisted,” said Mr. Baiegel.

Why are leaks occurring in neighborhoods throughout San Diego County? There are several reasons; the original water piping quality, quality of the original installation, age of the water piping, not to mention the “aggressive chemistry” of the water itself. The aggressive nature of the water can cause pitting, which over time can lead to “pinhole” leaks. These leaks can be devastating. An undetected leak over time can lead to extensive water damage….and as mentioned above toxic molds.

The good news is that there are two options that guarantee a final solution; ACE Duraflo in-place pipe restoration or replace the existing water piping with a much higher grade copper These two options allow you to make the choice that is best for you.

The ACE DuraFlo system is based on “in-place” pipe restoration technology. The water piping is restored within the walls. This is a great option for the consumer who recently had a home remodel or access to water piping is not a practical option. This revolutionary technology has been used by homeowners, the US Air Force, hospitals, universities, major hotels, resort facilities, apartments and industrial facilities. With the ACE DuraFlo process, there is virtually no destruction within your home and your piping is restored and will never corrode, pit or scale. A permanent, safe solution, in potable water systems ACE DuraFlo uses only coating materials that are NSF approved and UPC listed for safe use. Once restored, your system will no longer leach lead or copper contaminants. Your water stays pure, clean and safe to drink.

The second option is to replace the existing water piping. This process has been the only option available prior to the innovation of pipe restoration. The copper industry now warranties the higher quality type L copper for up to 45 years.

If you would like more information on either process or a professional opinion on which option may best suit your needs call Anderson Plumbing Heating & Air, formerly Walter Anderson Plumbing. The Anderson family is known throughout San Diego as the leading experts in the area of repiping, rerouting and relining. In March, the Anderson family celebrated 30 years serving the San Diego community and collectively has repiped, relined or rerouted more potable water systems than any other local company. For further information or a free no obligation inspection, please call 800-530-1102 and ask for Kelly Jo Anderson.

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