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Keeping Tankless Water Heaters Clean and Efficient

Aug 10, 2012

Tankless water heaters are growing in popularity as more and more homeowners see all of the benefits that they can offer. The units take up far less space, they can provide unlimited hot water so no one has to worry about getting to the shower last, and they can offer some substantial long-term energy savings. Since the units heat the water on demand, homeowners never have to worry about paying to heat water all day as they might with a standard water heater. High-quality tankless water heaters can even last for up to twenty years, which is about twice as long as a traditional water heater is going to last. However, owners need to make sure that they care for their water heater properly if they want it to last and remain efficient for all that time. Build-up of calcium and lime scale is a very real issue in many areas of the nation, especially in San Diego (see our blog about Water Treatment and Filtration in San Diego). This buildup can happen in your water heater. If this happens, your heater is not going to run at maximum efficiency, and when this occurs, you are not getting your money’s worth from the tank. In fact, if the scale buildup becomes too great, it could cause the unit to stop working entirely.

Solutions for Clean and Efficient Water Heaters

Water softeners and certain types of filters can do a decent job of helping to remove the scale buildup. However, those options are not always solutions that are going to work for every home or situation. They will also need replacement occasionally, as would the use of silico phosphate filters. In some countries, such as the UK, they actually use magnets in the heaters to help with the scale. This might seem like a good solution, but magnets are also a temporary solution that will need replacement. Perhaps the best solutions on the market today are the electronic physical water conditioners. They can act as a long-term solution so that you don’t have to worry about the scale buildup in the tank. Some of the units available will be able to keep the scale out of the tank, and others are powerful enough to descale a tank that already has a scale problem. Perhaps the best thing about the electronic physical water conditioners is that they are going to last without the need for further maintenance or replacement. They have a life in excess of 25 years, which means once you have the device in your tank, you can forget about it and let it do the work of keeping your tank nice and clean. Make sure that you find a solution that works for you when it comes to cleaning your tankless water heater. The physical water conditioner is an affordable solution to a problem that will only worsen if you ignore it. You do not want to spend money on a high-quality heater only to find out later that you are losing all of that efficiency you paid for!

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