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How Your San Diego Plumbing System Can Benefit From a “Clean Out”

Oct 29, 2013

Nobody wants to deal with a clogged drain or sewer line. They’re annoying, time-consuming and San Diego drain clearing can often be costly. Unfortunately, however, clogs are all too common. And chances are if you’ve already experienced one clog you’re likely to experience another one; just because a clog is cleared doesn’t mean the root cause has been addressed.

San Diego Drain Repair Experts Recommend Installing a Clean Out

If your home is prone to clogs (if it has already experienced one clog or is over thirty years old) it may be time to consider a clean out. Essentially, a cleanout is a capped pipe that provides access to your home’s sewer line. This clean out, as the name suggests, allows you to easily remove any blockages in the sewer and helps to clear sluggish drains. All in all, a cleanout can provide many benefits.

San Diego Drain Repair Benefits from Having a Properly Installed Clean Out:

Easy Access. A cleanout provides you with easy access to your sewer line. Typically, a clean out consists of a vertical pipe that runs from the ground into your sewer line. The top of the pipe at the ground’s surface is typically capped. This cap can easily be unscrewed for instant access to the sewer line. As an added bonus you will also always be able to quickly and easily locate your sewer line with a clean out.

Helps prevent flooding. When a drain is clogged it can often overflow, causing flooding. If you don’t have a clean out you’re going to need to call an emergency plumber as this flooding can do serious harm to a home, and reversing the damage can rack up quite a bill. In the case of an overflowing drain, the cleanout cap can easily be released, preventing water from overflowing into your home.

Lower Plumbing Costs. Calling a plumber out to fix a clogged drain can be costly. This can add up, especially if your home is prone to clogs and backups. With a properly installed clean out you may easily treat clogs and backups yourself, saving you time and money.

Ultimately, a cleanout can help to prevent the obnoxious clogs that require drain repair or drain clearing. It also helps to prevent flooding and eliminates the need for expensive drain cables and machines. Don’t wait until you need a San Diego emergency plumber; prevent clogged drains with a properly installed clean-out.

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