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How to Buy a New San Diego Heating System – Part 3

Oct 24, 2012

This is the final post in our three-part blog series about buying a new San Diego heating system. The first part described seven types of heating systems and fuel sources and the second discussed different sizes and efficiency. This final installation is all about the various heating comfort features and brands available.

Heating System Comfort Features

The number one goal for your San Diego heating system is to keep you warm. That goal is accomplished if your home is actually the temperature that you set your thermostat to. If you set it at 73 degrees and your home’s temperature is 73 degrees, then the primary comfort of warmth is achieved. Woohoo!

But wait, there’s more! There are additional options if you demand more from your heating system. You may require top-notch energy efficiency, maybe noise reduction is important to you or even the ability to control your heater’s thermostat while you are away from home.

Saving Money with Your Furnace

We discussed heating system efficiency in our last blog. The higher your efficiency rating, the more you’ll likely save. High-efficiency systems can also qualify you for federal and local energy rebates and will make you feel good about your environmental responsibility.

Noisy Heater Keeping You Up at Night?

Beyond the basic functionality of forced-air furnaces, there are 2 options: a two-stage furnace with a multi-speed blower or a two-stage variable speed model. Although the benefits of these two are similar, the two-stage variable speed system is the quietest.

Hi-Tech Control for Your Heating System

No longer do you have to heat your house all day, spending money when nobody’s home, or come home to a freezing house after a vacation. If you want to change your home temperature, but can’t break away from the most amazing movie you’ve ever seen, or the football game that could make or break your Fantasy season, you don’t have to. You can control your home’s HVAC system from your recliner, car, boat or the airport! Check out our blog about the Lennox icomfort Wi-Fi™ Touschscreen Thermostat.

Heater/Furnace Brands

The top two selling companies in the US, based on 2008 sales were Bryant/Carrier and Goodman Manufacturing. Interesting statistic, but not one that you should use to choose your next heating system. Huge sales can be generated if you’re the go-to “cost-effective” system for mass home builders or apartment developers that may be shopping solely on the basis of lowest price. Instead, choose a brand based on these 3 factors:

What are the brand’s heating system features?

What level of fuel efficiency do they offer (what is the AFUE)? How many heating stages can the brand’s systems offer? Do they offer self-adjusting blower fans? Do they offer control features that suit your lifestyle?

How long is the manufacturer’s warranty?

The longer the warranty, the better the value. This is also a good indicator of quality. If a manufacturer is willing to give a longer warranty, this indicates their faith in the product and it is likely well-built. Do note, manufacturers’ warranties cover parts, not labor. Choose a contractor with warranties like Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air for your new heater installation.

What to make of heater prices?

Price should not be your lone factor on whether a furnace is a good deal or not. Balance price with features and warranties to make sure you are choosing the right brand for your home.

We are Big Fans of Lennox Heating Systems

Our blog, Best San Diego Furnaces & Heating Systems explains why, and provides energy ratings for some of their most efficient and quietest models.

If you need more help deciding what heating system will be best for your home (or just don’t have the time to mess with it) call us or request an appointment online and we’ll come out with a system options checklist to help you choose just the right one.

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