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Home Leaks 101

Feb 02, 2020

Fact: Home leaks can vary. For instance, it can be a simple drip from a fixture or a sudden gush from your water heater tank. The fact of the matter is, no one wants to experience a leak — no matter the size. For homeowners in San Diego, another much too real leak concern we face is gas leaks (especially after an earthquake).

However, by being prepared and knowing how to spot the signs of all things leak-related, you can stop further damage from occurring. Here’s what to consider:

Living room filled with water and floating furniture

The Importance of Spotting Leaks Early

A simple drip from your faucet or toilet might seem harmless, but the truth of the matter is that it can lead to a lot of water waste, be the sign of a bigger plumbing issue, and in time, cause severe water damage. From a slow drip of your faucet to a few drops from your toilet tank, if you spot a leak anywhere in your plumbing, it’s time to get it repaired. Statistics show 1 trillion gallons of water are leaking from homes each year and that’s a lot of wasted water and water-damaged homes.

From toilet leaks to faucet leaks, Read more tips on how to find a leak.

When it Could be a Slab Leak

One of the harder leaks to spot is a slab leak because the pipes are embedded in the foundation of your home. If ignored, it will lead to moisture issues that could increase the chance for mold growth and potential health hazards for your family; not to mention, expensive foundation repairs, too. Besides seeing sudden wet spots on a floor or wall, a leak can also be spotted by:

  • A sudden dip in water pressure
  • A higher than average water bill
  • The sound of water running when no appliances are on
  • Unexpected foundation issues

Spotting a Gas Leak Fast

If you ask any resident of California, they’ll know that one of the most common issues after an earthquake are gas leaks. Although this natural occurrence can be one of the main causes of these leaks, they can still happen for a variety of other reasons and should be treated with urgency because a gas leak can be deadly.

When a gas-like odor is detected, you need to evacuate the building immediately. Open doors and windows. Do not touch any appliances or light switches and extinguish any flames (i.e., candles) immediately because a spark or flame could cause an explosion as the gas odors to build up. From there, call your gas company, as well as the professionals at Anderson.

When it comes to gas leak prevention, an earthquake shut-off valve will ensure your safety. When a massive earthquake occurs, this spring-loaded valve will trip to shut off your gas line to prevent a substantial leak, fire, or explosion. Whether home or away, you can be at ease knowing you are not at risk for a gas leak.

Leak Prevention and Detection in San Diego

From toilet leaks to slab leaks, the professionals at Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, are here to help! Call (866) 374-0402 to request an appointment today! Emergency service available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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