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Happy Co-workers

Jul 16, 2007

What it’s Like to Work With Us…

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HVAC Jobs and Plumbing Jobs in San DiegoAt Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, we believe that the best way to achieve our goal of “wowed” customers is to wow the people that serve them. Beyond the extensive benefits included in our Employee Handbook, we provide many other perks like scheduling flexibility, tuition reimbursement, ongoing education and training, opportunities for special recognition and fun company outings.

Birthday Celebrations

When birthdays come around, you’ll find us decorating offices and sharing cake! Birthday employees receive a restaurant gift card and two movie tickets.

A Furiendly Work Environment

Employees are allowed to bring their furry family members to work. Devin Carel, an incredible team builder who’s loved throughout the company, started bringing his dog Otis regularly. Otis was recently promoted to Warehouse Mascot. Watch “Lucky at Work”!

Employee Recognition

We believe in positive reinforcement, so we have a variety of ways to let our co-workers know they are doing a great job! Above & Beyond – We send a letter to the co-worker’s immediate family, letting them know their loved one is being honored for going above and beyond the call of duty. Notice of Recognition – Co-workers displaying superior job performance are awarded with recognition in writing at weekly meetings and a copy is kept in their employee files for future performance reviews. Commitment to Service Award – The Commitment to Service Award is awarded by peers and is one of the most highly valued awards in our company.

Above and Beyond Recognition

Company Outings

We get to know co-workers and their families by spending fun time together at company sponsored events. With the explosive growth we’ve experience over the past few years, our events are a wonderful way to welcome new teammates and their families.

Co-Workers and Their Families Have Fun at Company Sponsored Events

The Fitness Game

The Fitness Game is an amazing team-building experience! For four weeks, we hire a company personal trainer, hold team exercise classes, share healthy lunches, adopt healthier diets and we shed those winter pounds! Teams and individuals have a variety of ways to win cash prizes. The game is so much fun and has such a positive impact, we’ve made it an annual event.

Co-Workers Participate in Fitness Game

Employee Satisfaction Survey

We care about our employees as much as our customers and we understand that they are actually the key to happy customers. To ensure that we are keeping our employees more than satisfied, we conduct an anonymous Employee Satisfaction Survey. Not only does this give us an indication of how our own employees are feeling about us, it tells us where we place among similar companies in our industry across the nation. We can even determine levels of satisfaction among office employees versus field employees. If there is an indication of dissatisfaction, this survey helps us get right to the heart of the problem to make it right. From our 2012 survey, we found that employees really wanted eye care added to the medical plan and wanted an increase in their 401K benefits. We have added eye care to the medical plan and are looking into enhancing the 401K.

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