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Eco-Friendly Heating & Cooling Options

May 20, 2016

Mini-Split Systems & HVAC Zoning

In this HERO Highlight, our Comfort Advisor, Patrick, discusses the benefits of these two options when it comes to smart energy use and savings.

Mini-Split Systems

  • Great alternative to central air
  • Scalable – get as many or as few as you need
  • Zoning capabilities
  • Reuse water for landscaping

Zoning & Wifi Controls

  • Save energy & money by customizing comfort
  • Smart thermostats – set it and forget it
  • Control from your smartphone

Cost & Financing

  • Customized to your home/lifestyle
  • Possible $0 out of pocket
  • Seasonal & Tax Rebates

Mini split systems are a great alternative for older homes that may not allow for the ductwork or electrical requirements of a central HVAC system. The same is true for any home that lacks roof or attic space, has many rooms (is not an open concept floor plan), or has code restrictions that prevent installation of a central HVAC unit. They are a scalable heating and cooling option as you can choose to install as many or as few as you like, depending on your comfort goals. If you have a particular room that tends to get warmer than the others, a mini split is a good solution. Or you can take advantage of zoning to save energy and money… install up to eight and turn them all off except for your bedroom at night. If you are unsure how many you would actually need, our Comfort Advisors can help you determine what you need to achieve your comfort goal.

While mini-splits are commonly the right solution for older, compartmentalized homes, they can also be used in open floor plans. Please consult with a Comfort Advisor.

Mini split systems can also use about a gallon of water per hour. We can add a pump that will pump this water to an outdoor bucket, so it can be used to water your landscaping.

Newer central heating and air conditioning systems have zoning, variable speed motors and, smart control options. Smart thermostats with zoning systems let you set different temperatures for different areas, at different times a day. That might sound like a lot of options, but once you set it, you can forget it! It will actually take LESS work and you’ll pay LESS in utilities! And gone are the days that you’re actually required to stand in front of your thermostat to change settings. Already snug in bed? Grab your phone. Heatwave snuck in while you were at work? Grab your phone or tablet. Like to keep it warm while you’re gone and cool it off just before you get home? Now you can even use geofencing! This means a setting that tells the system when your smartphone is nearby and will set the system to your chosen preferences!

The cost will vary depending on your home and your comfort goals. We will send an expert Comfort Advisor to assess your home and consult on the best options to meet your expectations and budget. Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air is also a HERO Registered Contractor. This means we can offer you the HERO Program, which may provide financing for your energy-efficient upgrade with no credit check, no money down, and no money out of pocket! Learn more and check eligibility on our HERO Program page. Manufacturers sometimes have seasonal rebates and there are many tax incentives for energy upgrades. We stay on top of these and can advise on the best opportunities for you to take advantage.

Contact us via phone or online to get started – Smart energy upgrades ARE within your reach!

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