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Avoiding Air Conditioning Emergencies During a Heat Wave

Sep 06, 2013

Our San Diego air conditioning experts are being flooded with calls and online requests due to the current heat wave. Check out this report on NBC 7 Online:

San Diego Air Conditioning Technicians in High Demand – Regular AC Maintenance is a MUST!

We are always trying to educate people about the importance of annual or bi-annual maintenance on their San Diego HVAC systems. Homeowners around here often think that it’s not important for them due to our mild weather. They think that warnings about regular maintenance only apply in areas like the Midwest or Deep South. What San Diego homeowners often don’t realize is that the mild temperatures and sudden heat waves (or even cold snaps) that we have can wreak more havoc on air conditioners and furnaces than the long, scorching summers someone in Phoenix or Dallas may experience. Think about a 7-15 year old car sitting dormant in the driveway for a year, with no maintenance, then getting cranked up and driven hard for several days straight…pretty much a recipe for disaster.

San Diego Air Conditioning Spikes

Here is just a small sample of the requests through our website in the last few days…

“Need to troubleshoot A/C please.” – San Diego

“Air conditioner leaking water through the ceiling.” – Vista

“replace window air. with appx a 25,00 btu. purchase and installation. asap” – Lakeside

“air conditioner is leaking also air filter may need to be changed” – Alpine

“Our Air Condition Just blows air.” – San Diego

“I’m afraid that my AC unit is shot. I think the motor burned out.” – San Diego

How to Avoid San Diego Air Conditioning Nightmares

If you’d rather not be in a situation like the family in the video or the customers that need AC issues addressed in the middle of a heat wave (when air conditioning techs are in “triage” mode), get your San Diego HVAC system serviced AT LEAST annually (if not twice per year – spring and fall). We often run early season AC and furnace tune-up specials to encourage San Diego homeowners to be proactive. Or, you can sign up for a VIP Service Agreement that provides a 15% discount on all air conditioning and heating service or repair and priority service.

BONUS: Besides avoiding emergencies, regular maintenance means that your San Diego HVAC system will last longer and run more efficiently, saving you money!

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