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$67 San Diego Air Conditioning Tune Up Special

May 15, 2013

San Diego Air Conditioning Calls Skyrocket

Whew! You feel that San Diego? It’s getting hot out there! We’ve recently been swamped with San Diego air conditioning calls. The heat wave has convinced many people that didn’t have air conditioning systems to get one installed right away! The good news for those folks is that we have some great rebate offers for Lennox Home Comfort Systems right now. While we’re seeing a spike in new air conditioners and system upgrades, most calls are actually for failing or broken A/C systems that are just getting turned on for the first time in months and have often been neglected for years. This is just a small sampling of cries for help that came in one day:

“Air conditioner/heater decided to stop working. Not sure if it has to do with the thermostat or what. All lights are on and the filter was just changed. Help!!!” “My air conditioner, when I first turned it on for the season is making a strange noise. Today the noise has gotten loud and now sounds like a grinding sound. The system is all new around 5 years ago so I don’t want to burn it up or something can you have someone come out soon?” “The condensation system on our a/c is leaking. Can you get here this afternoon?”

San Diego Air Conditioning – Everyone’s Doing It

The biggest problem is that when a heat wave hits, everyone cranks on their AC at the same time. Air Conditioners that haven’t been maintained with regular tune-ups will inevitably have issues, and in severe heat waves, capacitors get blown due to energy surges. It’s especially bad in San Diego where people tend to go for long periods without turning on or even thinking about their AC. So a heat wave hits and every San Diego Air Conditioning company has their phone ringing off the wall. Sometimes they even have to go into “triage” mode. Meaning that they have to schedule calls based on the threat of danger. For instance, a healthy 30-something living in a coastal area may have to wait longer (even days) for repair, so the company can address an elderly person living further east.

How to Avoid Air Conditioning Break Downs and Issues?

Regular Maintenance

The best way to get started, and avoid being one of those people being left to melt in a heat wave, is to take advantage of our AC tune-up services. If you really want to get proactive and prolong the life of your Air Conditioning System (because, hey, those things aren’t cheap)…consider a VIP Service Agreement. Stay cool, San Diego!

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