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5 Bad Plumbing Habits That Will Have You Calling a San Diego Emergency Plumber

Jan 29, 2014

Although your home’s plumbing is usually in and of itself a stable system, the way that you care for and treat those pipes can either prevent or cause you a world of headaches and affect the health of your bank account. While some plumbing issues, such as a single slow drain, may be something that you can resolve yourself or call in a plumber as needed, there are many more severe issues (think a leaking or burst pipe) that will have you calling a San Diego emergency plumber in no time.

Save yourself the headache, expense and a call to your San Diego emergency plumber by avoiding these 5 bad habits:

1. Careless Use of the Garbage Disposal

Sure, the garbage disposal is convenient and, dare we say, at times, even somewhat fun. But not all disposals are created equal – and beyond that, there is no disposal that can digest anything and everything. For example, some disposals can take egg shells and citrus peels – but shove them down a different garbage disposal and you’d better have your emergency plumber on speed dial. Carefully read on your disposal’s manual to find exactly what is and isn’t acceptable. Regardless, never put anything metal or glass down your disposal.

2. Improper Toilet Flushing

This one is often a problem in homes with young children (after all, how much fun is the ‘let’s make it disappear’ game?!), but this can happen in any home. Flushing toys or any other household items (besides paper products intended for that use) down the toilet is sure to create a blockage either immediately or it can also cause long-to-build problems in your home’s larger-scale plumbing, such as the lateral line. Feminine products should never go down the toilet, and even some “fluffier” toilet papers can cause issues over time.

3. Weighing Down Shower Fixtures

Short on storage space in the shower? Think twice before hanging that over-the-shower head storage rack. Those racks – particularly once you add your shampoo, body wash, and other belongings to them quickly rack up the pounds. Over time, they drag down your fixture and can even break off your shower head or supporting piece – sure to make a huge mess in your bathroom, not to mention require a call to a San Diego plumbing professional. Consider using free-standing corner rack or one that uses resistance to lock in place between your shower floor and ceiling.

4. Premature Hot Water Use

When attaching new pipes to your hot water heater, make sure to wait until the heater is on and full of water before turning it on. Not taking the extra time can quickly lead to a call to the emergency plumber.

5. Remodeling/Construction Storage

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to add value to your home – and as you cut tile, lay mortar, peel up caulk, etc., what better place to store materials out of the way than in the sink or tub? That is a big NO-NO. These materials create gunk in your drains. For example, cut drywall disintegrates around the edges into dust, and when water runs through your pipes, it re-congeals the dust into gunk that settles in your pipes to create blockages. Keep your construction materials out of your bathroom fixtures.

We hope these tips save you a call or two and ultimately avoid the need for emergency plumbing service altogether, if you do need a San Diego emergency plumber, give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are licensed, insured and A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau. Never use a plumber that cannot show you a license and does not carry insurance. If anything goes wrong, you may be stuck with the damages and they are not held accountable for their actions. Our work is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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