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FREE Phenomenal Aire

FREE Phenomenal Aire with Purchase of Full HVAC System

Buy a Full HVAC System, Get a Phenomenal Aire Plasma Generator for FREE!

What is Phenomenal Aire? 

A Phenomenal Aire Plasma Generator is a small device that is installed within the ductwork of a home’s HVAC system. This plasma generator creates ions out of molecules in your home’s air that dramatically improves indoor air quality. It is an extremely effective tool to protect your home’s air quality against bacteria, mold, viruses and more. Unlike other UV germicidal lights, there is no bulb that needs to be changed.

Expires June 30, 2024

*Restrictions apply. Ask for details. Offer may not be used in conjunction with other current offers. Offer not valid on previously completed or scheduled jobs. Offer applies to purchase of Full HVAC System.

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