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Your Home, Health & the Environment Benefit with Green Water Treatment

Jul 06, 2012

People all around the world are starting to see the importance of going green in a wide variety of ways. Something you might never have considered is to use a green treatment for the water that you bring into your home. However, green water treatmentcan be one of the smartest and most affordable environmentally friendly solutions you will find. In many areas of the country, like Southern California, the quality of the water suffers because of the chemicals and particulates in it.

Better Water at Home Means No Bottled Water

How much money do people spend on bottled water annually? Consider the environmental impact that all of that bottled water has on the earth, even when you recycle. The energy that goes into making the bottles is significant, but the reason that so many people are still drinking bottled water is the taste. With all of the chemicals in the water today, it can have a chlorinated taste, especially when it’s coming from a municipal source. When it comes from a private source, water might not have all of those chemicals, but it can still have particulates.

Having green water treatment and filtration in your home will allow you to drink from the tap and have fresh, great tasting water just as you would get from a bottle. You won’t have to worry about chemicals or particulates getting into the water. Another of the great things about having ready-to-drink water coming straight from the tap is the convenience. You’ll no longer have to head out to the grocery store to buy and carry back heavy water bottles. Once you have green water treatment for your home, you’ll also see savings, since you don’t have to continue replenishing your bottled water.

Green Water Treatment Trumps Reverse Osmosis

One of the treatments that some companies try to use for treating water is reverse osmosis. While this might work to make the water more palatable, it has a serious drawback that makes it decidedly not green. For every gallon of usable water it produces, approximately three to four gallons go unused down the drain. That is a huge waste of water. In areas like Southern California, where water is expensive, that type of waste is as financially unsound as it is environmentally unsound.

Point of Use Water Filtration and Whole House Water Filters Make Sense

Water filtration as a green water treatment is a great solution. Users don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals, and the filters are able to remove the impurities in the water before they reach you and your family.

With whole house filters or point of entry filters as part of your green water treatment plan, you’ll have clean and fresh water through the entire house. The whole house filters will treat the water before it comes into your home, while the point of entry filters can go right on your sinks to provide clean, fresh water.

This can help save money, help to save the environment, and even enhance the flavor of your food. Consider all of the benefits of green water treatment for your home.

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