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Why Do I Need a Water Pressure Regulator?

Aug 12, 2012

The flow of water and energy is among our most crucial national problems. If we cannot increase our supply, then we need to lessen our consumption. Luckily, it’s been proven that people can conserve dramatically and within a manner that will not seriously affect the lifestyles we have grown accustomed to. Drinking water and energy preservation are so thoroughly intertwined that they may be practically synonymous. Any kind of reduction in the application of water will automatically cause a reduction of the usage of energy. What this means is that our whole philosophy on the usage of water is transforming and people are finally recognizing that we’ve been “water rich” through the years. But now, it is time to return to reality by adjusting to actual need and to practice good preservation principles.

Have Your San Diego Plumber Install a Regulator ASAP

A water pressure regulator is an automatic control that San Diego plumbers install at the water meter in homes and other buildings, to slow the city main’s pressure to a lower, more practical pressure. For most purposes, 40 psi water stress is adequate. Regulators are easy and inexpensive products that can pay for themselves in just a few months. This is important when you consider the quickly rising San Diego water rates prices. You may also want to read our blog about high efficiency toilets and how they can help you save water (and thus, money). As you will discover, water pressure regulators can conserve between 30,000 to 40,000 gallons of water each year in the average home! If these savings were applied to a million homes throughout the country, imagine the tremendous impact this could have on our own local conservation objectives. Water and energy conservation, through the use of water pressure decreasing valves, offers a significant benefit to the individual homeowner, the nearby water purveyor and well as energy utility too!

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