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Tune Up Your Air Conditioner

Jun 09, 2011

Every spring when the weather begins to warm is the best time of year to perform an annual systems check on your home’s cooling system. This routine maintenance check should include both the indoor and outdoor components, and it is easy enough that the homeowner can perform this checkup him- or herself. For older air conditioning units or ones that have been troublesome in the past, it is best to hire a licensed air conditioning systems expert to perform this maintenance check. These professional air conditioning maintenance checks do not cost that much, and it can prevent more serious problems down the road. If you give your system the proper maintenance, it can last for fifteen to twenty years functioning properly.

How to Obtain a Proper Tune Up

If you are going to perform this routine maintenance yourself, here are some things that you can do all year long to ensure the proper functionality of your air conditioning unit:

  • Changing and/or cleaning your filters once each month can save on repairs.
  • If you keep your registers and air ducts regularly cleaned, it can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Having this type of preventative maintenance performed every few years is best for the operation of your cooling system.
  • The outside compressor unit should be hosed regularly to prevent a buildup of dust and other outside debris. This unit should also be covered completely during the winter months.
  • Be sure to check any of the hoses for leaks. The condensation tube should also be freely draining to avoid any possible backups.
  • Make sure that your unit is free of any obstructions. Obstructions could be items like furniture or curtains. These items will only make your machine have to work harder.

Proper maintenance on a regular basis can ensure that your air conditioning unit functions properly all season long.

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