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Top Tips For A Clogged Toilet

Mar 29, 2018

It can be stressful when your toilet clogs. The reason for the clog may include the flushing of inappropriate objects, low flow toilets that are getting older, plumbing vent obstructions and clogged traps. If you’re navigating a toilet clog, there are a handful of tips that can save the day.

First … Stop The Flooding

Before you start trying to clear the clog, it can help to turn off your toilet’s water supply for a little while. This will stop water from making its way into either the bowl or the tank. The water shut-off valve is usually behind the toilet near the floor. Also shut the flapper immediately to stop water from accessing the bowl. The flapper is located inside the tank and is the round rubber stopper attached to a chain.

Try Hot Water

There are a few ways to make your plunging job more effective. You can start by adding a little bit of hot water to the bowl in advance. Try several cups. This could even potentially eliminate the need to plunge, believe it or not. Heat has the ability to melt fat, and in many cases, encourages flushing action. Let the water remain in the bowl for several minutes. Then take your plunger and vigorously force water into the bowl’s drain.

Hire a Professional

If your clogged toilet is particularly severe, you need to hire a professional, licensed plumber who can fix the situation properly. A professional will also be able to diagnose the true cause of any recurring clogs and discuss your best options for repair. Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air is a company that will wow you with the finest professional service in all of San Diego County. Our meticulous and experienced plumbers can help you forget all of your toilet clog concerns!.

Major clogs can happen, and when they do you’ll want to trust the professionals at Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air. For all your plumbing issues big or small, call us 866.374.0402 our drain cleaning experts have you covered!

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