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The Pros and Cons of Drain Snaking and Hydrojetting

Jul 26, 2018

Sometimes, your plumbing problems aren’t always as easy as a quick plunge or two. When you begin to see signs of a significant drain clog, you might be ready to pull out the plunger or snake. This may remedy small to mid-size clogs, but the fix might not be long-lasting. Beyond your trusty snake, there’s also hydrojetting, but how do you know which solution is best?

Here are a few things to consider:

A Plunger

Using a smaller plunger for your drain can help relieve minor clogs in a stitch — but there is no way to tell if the drain is fully cleared. If your drains are clogging more often than not — an auger or snake is where you’ll want to go next.

Snake Draining

When you have a mid-sized or mild clog, snaking the drain can be a great and fast solution. By pushing an auger into the drain, you may be able to crank and dislodge the blockage in your pipe. Hopefully, within a few cranks, you can break up the clog or pull it out.

The Con: It’s not long term, and it’s most useful for small to middle-sized clogs.


Sometimes your clog can be a bit more complicated than you expect— hydrojetting comes in. If you are snaking away without any relief — or to only find that the clog is back within a few days or so — it could be time to consider calling a professional plumber. Hydrojetting uses a pressure washer to clean out any buildup or debris that may have accumulated in your pipes. This method can remove many blockages like grease, and it is environmentally safe, with quick and long-lasting effects.

The Con: Depending on where your clog is, what caused it, and your plumbing system, hydrojetting might not always be the most effective solution for your home.

What if All Three Fail?

If your drain clog still won’t budge or is recurring, it’s time to consider a full camera inspection. Our experts can efficiently examine the insides of your plumbing system so they can identify the clog without causing further damage. By identifying the root of the problem (no pun intended? :), we can recommend the best course of action.

For all your drain needs, look no further than Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air. Call us 866.374.0402 for all your plumbing and drain problems!

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