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San Diego Air Conditioning: Tips to Lower Your A/C Bills!

Apr 17, 2013

Air conditioners are major contributors to steep energy bills in warm weather. According to SDG&E, they can make up 55% of your utility bill! To enjoy your A/C at a more affordable cost, consider the following suggestions.

Tips to Reduce Your San Diego A/C Bills

1. A San Diego Air Conditioner Needs Regular Maintenance

At least once a year, get a tune-up of your A/C. An expert San Diego AC company will check for good airflow, perform necessary cleaning, replace any outdated or dysfunctional parts, check to see if there are low refrigerant levels and catch and repair any leaks. San Diego air conditioning units often sit dormant longer than others throughout the country, and like a car, this is bad for the system. If your air conditioner isn’t functioning optimally, the inefficiency will result in higher energy bills. Be sure to schedule your maintenance well in advance, so that any problems can be taken care of before the weather gets hot! In addition to getting professional maintenance, you can also monitor the performance of your AC. For example, check to see if the filters have accumulated too much dust.

2. Pull Down Those Shades

You won’t need to set your air conditioner at such a low temperature if you can keep your home from heating up. Pulling the shades down during the hottest hours of the day keeps your home cooler.

3. Fix Any Leaky AC Ducts

A major source of high energy bills is a faulty air duct system. If the ducts are leaking air or aren’t properly insulated, your air conditioner has to work much harder. You could be losing hundreds of dollars a year and in some cases, subjecting you and your family to unhealthy conditions like mold or dangerous vapors. For ductwork, it’s best to rely on professional assistance.

4. Use Your San Diego A/C System Sparingly

If it’s a cool evening, you might want to leave your A/C off entirely, and maybe just use a fan or a breeze from the outdoors. Most San Diego air conditioners don’t have to be on 24/7. There are multiple ways to cut down on your AC bills in San Diego, and some of them require professional services that make sure your air conditioning system is in top shape. Contact us to schedule necessary A/C maintenance, repair problems with your system, and discuss ways to stay cool in the summer at a lower price.

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