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Retrieving An Item From The Sink Drain

May 19, 2011

Retrieving An Item From The Sink DrainOops, you dropped something down the sink again. But, this time it was your beautiful diamond wedding band. This would make a woman totally freak out. Let’s learn how to retrieve an item from the sink drain or catcher and get that ring back.

Removing the Catcher

To start with, in your bathroom or kitchen sink there is a drain catcher or P-trap. Do you see where the pipe bends like a U? This is where the sink drain catcher is. This will prevent anything going beyond that point.

Grab your mop bucket or a bucket and place below the sink, as water will drain out from the pipe. Using a pipe wrench to loosen up the fitting to the top P-trap. Now, do the same with the P-trap bottom fitting. You might have to wiggle the pipe some until it finally comes off.

In the right direction, either counter-clockwise or clockwise, remove the trap. Dump contents in the bucket carefully. If the item does not come out, use a wire coat hanger or a pipe catcher to slide it until the item comes out. This usually is the case on the upper part of the P-trap.

Now, put the trap back in correctly, put the fittings together and tighten. Start with the bottom first then the top. Make sure the threads are lined up and there is no leaking around the pipe. Plumbing tape can be used also.

Now, you just got your ring back and your husband will never know! Who says a person needs to hire a plumber or even need a man to help, women can now do the plumbing work themselves. Instead of losing something permanently, retrieve it with ease.

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