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Repipe Introduction Letter from Mary Jean

Jul 31, 2010

Mary Jean Anderson - President

Dear Prospective Repipe client ,

My name is Mary Jean Anderson, owner of Walter Anderson Plumbing. We specialize in the replacement of polybutylene, copper and galvanized water piping. We provide professional service, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

We are turn-key which means 100% of the work is performed by our local in-house staff. Each member of our team is long term employee specializing in San Diego repiping, drywall, texture, and painting. Our work includes necessary permits and inspection fees.

Our technicians are highly trained professionals who specialize in copper repiping drywall repair and painting. They pride themselves on the quality of the work performed and the manner in which they treat you and your home. Each team member has had a criminal background check, drug screening, and a personality profile. You can trust each of them in your home and around your family.

Our 31 years experience in the plumbing business specializing in repiping has given us the experience and efficiency that will save you money while ensuring a professional top quality plumbing system.

Having work such as this performed is like having “major surgery” done on your home. It’s not something you do regularly, and many of our customers have concerns about what’s going to happen. We’ll discuss what’s going to happen. We’ll discuss the details of the actual installation with you further and in person, before we start the work, but for now, we thought we’d give you some basic guidelines.

Here’s what’s going to happen when we arrive at your home and during the time we’re working in your home.

First, we promise not to arrive at your home before 8 a.m. because we realize you have to get your family off to school and to work. We’ve seen contractors show up at customers’ homes as early as 6 a.m. and we don’t think that’s good manners. There’s nothing quite like getting awakened by the sound of a tradesman pounding on your door at the crack of dawn. We promise to work around and respect your schedule. After all, you’re the customer.

When we do arrive at your home we’re not going to make a lot of noise that might disturb your neighbors. We won’t start unloading pipe and dropping it in the street. We won’t shout at each other and we won’t play loud music on the truck’s radio. We also want you to know we keep our vehicles in top shape. You won’t be hearing a loud muffler first thing in the morning. We’ll be as quiet as can be. Promise! We won’t park in your driveway without your permission. We recognize your driveway is your personal space and respect that. If we park in the street, we’ll make certain we don’t leave any dangerous tools or equipment lying around that might present a hazard to your children or to your neighbors’ children.

We’ll cover the floors and stairways in your home we’ll be walking on as we move between our truck and your job during the day. We’ll take great care if we have to move any furniture out of the way to get equipment in and out of your home. And we’ll wipe our feet and make sure we don’t track in mud.

We do, of course, have complete liability and comprehensive insurance coverage. If one of our employees gets injured while on your property, it will not affect your homeowner’s insurance policy. And should we accidentally damage your property, we want you to know our insurance will cover damage up to $2 million. We are a responsible contractor.

Give us a call today! We’re your San Diego Repipe Experts!

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