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Our Littlest Fan

Dec 14, 2010

There are times when I am watching television with my husband and I catch myself drifting away into faraway thoughts. Fortunately, these moments are far and few in between. But it made me wonder how much of what any of us see on TV is seeping into our subconscious minds to be referenced at a later date and time. We are inundated with so many different products and services; many commercials are actually very entertaining and I always wonder what type of mastermind must have been at work to think of that. Those are the ones you remember and of course that is the idea behind each and every ad. Which brings me to a revelation about our own television marketing ads; it is a definitely a likeable commercial and people are remembering. The employees in the commercial occasionally get recognized while they are out and about mulling around town. That’s a good thing and we always appreciate that recognition and see it as a true compliment of who we are and what we stand for. However, the best recognition goes to a little 5 year old boy who just the other day as he listened to his mom discussing who to call for a plumbing repair, hollered out to her; Hey, call Anderson Plumbing!! The mom relayed this story to us and we found so much enjoyment in hearing this we decided that little guy deserves a big grateful thank you from all of us here at Anderson Plumbing. Everyone here has signed a card for him and we will be mailing that little tyke a $25 gift card for the best shopping toy store in the world. Thank you to all our customers for their continued loyalty and referrals throughout the year and a special thank you to this wonderful little boy!

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