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How to Avoid A Clogged Drain

Mar 30, 2011

The plumbing in your kitchen and bathroom is very important. Besides the bathroom, the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. So, constantly using the sink means things go down the drain that shouldn’t. How to avoid a clogged drain? Here are a few tips of what not to do.

Proper Disposal of Hot Grease

When pouring hot grease down your drain, what do you think it will do when it cools? What does grease look like when it’s cold? Now you have the answer to that question. Now, think of the drain pipes in the sink. That is a total nightmare. This grease will start trapping bits of foods in it. Pretty soon, over time, there will be a messy, gross clogged drain.

Take a big pot of water and bring to a rolling boil. This means when pouring the water down the drain pipes, will melt that grease along with soap from washing the dishes and help soften and dislodge food. Also, this kills germs that are lurking in the sink. This helps nasty bugs coming around also.

Take all stoppers out of the sink and give them a good scrubbing. This also cleans yucky bacteria that can grow. Kill those nasty germs and get rid of all that trapped hair. In the kitchen, use stoppers to prevent anything going down the drain. This will prevent so much clogging.

When using the toilet, to avoid a clogged drain, never flush anything that is not supposed to be flushable. It will back up the entire sewer system and that will cost money to fix.

When drains start running slow, then a clog is coming on. Grab a plunger to get rid of the buildup by dislodging whatever is in the drain.

Use these simple tips to avoid a clogged drain. It will save a lot of trouble and problems down the road.

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