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Here’s Why You Need A Yearly Kitchen Drain Cleaning

Dec 28, 2018

Let’s face it — when it comes to your drains, getting them cleaned is probably on the end of your already long to-do list (if it’s on it at all). When it comes to clogs, there are a series of ways to self-fix — and when it comes to your drains in general, it’s not something you often think about until you have no other choice.

Though it might not seem like a priority, we really recommend homeowners consider scheduling a yearly drain cleaning — and here’s why:

Drain Cleaning vs. Drain Clearing

Just to be clear (pun intended!) there is a big difference between Drain Clearing and Drain Cleaning. Drain Clearing is accomplished with a snake or cable that either pulls or pushes the clog to restore flow to the drain. Think of it as punching a hole through the clog. On the other hand, think of hydrojetting like power washing your drains: the pressure washer will clean out debris and build-up, even grease that sticks to the sides of the pipes! It’s quick and economical — but without it, you could be looking at a significant burst or plumbing replacement.

Reduce Blockages and Clogs

The dreaded slow draining sink or shower drain should not be a common occurrence. Over time, an ignored blockage can lead to build-up — and eventually lead to a sewer line leak or worse: a burst. However, regular cleanings will remove that build-up and leave your pipes clear to flow with ease.

Improves Lifespan

You know that build-up we were discussing above? Well, not only can it lead to a clog, leak or bust — but it can also corrode your pipes. With scheduled cleanings, the chemical deposits will be removed, keeping your plumbing healthy to lead a long lifespan., And, if a pipe does corrode, it is very expensive to replace your existing drain pipes.

Ditch The Stench

You may be numb to it now, but that stench might be coming from your drains. Bacteria and mold can live in a dirty pipe and leave you looking for the air fresheners more frequently. Water alone can’t kill the stench — and you’ll need a deep cleaning, such as hydrojetting, to keep your drains bacteria free.

Let us help you avoid a leak or burst! The experts at Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air can help you out and ensure your drains are in tip-top shape.

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