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Flushing a Tankless Hot Water Heater & Do I really need to?

Oct 12, 2012

Tankless Water Heaters Need Flushing Too

Well technically, if you don’t mind random cold showers and having to buy a new water heater every few years, then no, you do not need to worry about flushing your water heater. If these things really don’t appeal to you, then an annual water heater flush and safety inspection are recommended, even for tankless water heaters. San Diego has some of the hardest water in the nation and tankless water heaters are affected by hard water (although not as quickly as tank varieties). In a tankless water heater, the heater is only heating the water when it is moving through the heat exchanger coil. As particulates (sediment) sink in the heat exchanger, most are swept away unnoticed. Others attach to the interior of the copper tubing and over time, the scale build-up can cause over-heating of the heat exchanger. This will throw the water heater’s sensor off and it will stop operating until the system is fixed and reset. When this happens you’ll need to call your San Diego plumber to fix it and by that time, you may just need a water heater flush or you could have more costly damage. Either way, having the annual flush avoids the headache of and prevents more costly repairs. If you’ve already had your tankless system flushed, you’re much less likely to be faced with the surprise cold shower when you’re in a rush to get somewhere!

Regular Water Heater Flush & Safety Inspections

A water heater flush is a great value considering the money you’ll save by extending the life of your system. You can also keep an eye out for our seasonal water heater flush specials. When our San Diego Plumbers come out to do a water heater flush, they also perform a safety inspection which is very important and provides peace of mind. Venting is also very important to tankless water heater maintenance. If a water heater is not vented properly, it may cease to operate correctly early on and at the very worst, Carbon Monoxide Poisoning could occur. There are various ways to vent a tankless hot water heater, but a shortcut should never be one! A professional can make sure your venting is done correctly. Gas piping for tankless hot water heaters is also an important consideration. When the system needs to fire up to meet a large demand, your supply must be able to provide enough gas for the unit to function properly. It’s not good to assume that if the existing gas line is the same size as the connection on the tankless, that the pipe is big enough. In fact, in an existing home, it’s probably not! We hope this is an obvious statement, but gas lines should not be up for DIY project consideration. Call your local San Diego plumbing professional!

Tankless Water Heater Maintenance & Servicing

Just like your body or your car, your home’s plumbing and HVAC systems need regular check-ups too. Call us or request an appointment online to schedule a water heater flush or to learn more about going tankless

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