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Evaluating Your Septic System

May 12, 2011

Septic System EvaluationIf you own your own home, then you have to take care of your septic system. Once a month pour Rid-X or something similar should be flushed down your toilet to keep it clean and preventing backups from clogs.

Septic System Check List

One very bad way to find out your septic system is bad is the smell. The smell is nauseating and you know exactly where it is coming from. When this happens usually when walking across the ground it will be soft or there is seepage that is now coming from the septic system. Or the worst case scenario, it all backs up inside the house. When this happens you can physically see it on top of the ground. This is extremely expensive to fix. This is to the point you just never thought about taking care of your sewer system. It’s the same way with your AC unit. Both of these are one of the most expense items to replace in a home. You can live without AC but what about sewer? Your neighbors will not be very happy either. This can become unsafe because it is not sanitary. The seepage from the sewer cannot get into the drinking water for the neighborhood or the well water. Every couple years or so have your septic system pumped out. Here is the reason why this happens. The solids are in one tank and liquids in another. If the solids get full they will spill into the liquid tank. This tank spills into the leach field. Then, this will clog everything up very quickly in the tubing. Here is another important tip to determine when your septic system is bad. Is the grass beautiful and green around it? What if it’s a drought or extremely hot? This is definitely not normal. It means the watery liquids are coming up to the top of the ground, not the bottom, as they should be. That is a sure sign of trouble.

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