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Common Signs of a Plumbing Leak

Jul 17, 2020

Early Leak Detection at Home is Essential

An unsettling situation for any homeowner is discovering that they have a plumbing problem on their hands — specifically a leak. Whether you’ve dealt with leaks before or this is the first time you’ve had one, it’s vital to have them repaired right away by a professional plumber.

However, if you’re unsure what to look for, here are a few of the most common signs that indicate a problem is present.

How to Indicate a Plumbing Leak at Home

Your Water Bill Increases

One of the most common signs is noticing a drastic change on your water bill — precisely the amount owed each month. If you’ve seen a gradual increase without rhyme or reason, you may have a plumbing leak on your hands.

Roughly 10 percent of homes that have leaks, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, waste approximately 90 gallons or more per day — which adds up. Even if you notice a small, leaking faucet in your home, consider having it repaired immediately to cut back on water waste and improve your water bill.

You Notice Wet Spots Around Plumbing Fixtures

After flushing the toilet, do you notice a wet spot in the area or see slight discoloration around the plumbing fixture’s perimeter? If you observe one or both of these characteristics, this might also indicate that you have a lingering plumbing problem that needs to be fixed by a professional plumber.

For instance, a wet spot may cause a broken seal underneath your toilet, or there’s a chance that the tank bolts (or other essential parts) may be loose. And if you forego having the situation resolved, this could result in water damage and potential mold growth.

Your Ceiling Appears to be Damp or Has a Water Mark

While walking around your home, do you notice a peculiar sight on your ceiling or a nearby wall? Whether it appears to be a puddle-like marking or a water stain, those are telltale signs of a plumbing leak from inside the ceiling or wall.

Sometimes, depending on where the mark was discovered, there’s a chance it could be from an ailing roof. Most commonly, though, these mysterious water marks result from a pipe behind the wall or ceiling that is leaking (and has the potential to rupture, if not repaired in a quick and timely manner).

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