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Common Plumbing Problems & Solutions – HERO Highlight

Jul 01, 2016

The most common plumbing problems we see are due to plumbing systems being overstressed by high water pressure:

  • Running toilets
  • Dripping faucets
  • Flooding caused by broken washer hoses

Making matters worse:

  • Homeowners often do not know where to shut the water off
  • Flooding usually happens overnight or during vacations

Tips to Avoid Plumbing Problems

  • Install a Water Pressure Regulator – Water pressure over 65 psi puts undue pressure on plumbing systems, causing issues. They are inexpensive to install and regulators save water, and lower utility bills.
  • Inspect and replace older water pressure regulators if needed.
  • Maintain angle stops.
  • Know where and how to turn your water off.

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