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Caught in the Act – HVAC Service Technician, Katy F.

May 10, 2018

At Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, we hire the best people. We hire the smartest, most skilled, most ethical people with outstanding personalities! Our success in this endeavor is frequently proven when our co-workers are “Caught in the Act”, going above and beyond to care for customers, teammates and their community.

Internally, we recognize individuals going Above and Beyond, by giving awards and sending notes about their good deeds to their families. And we are so proud of their actions, we believe they deserve even more recognition.

So we are starting a blog series, “Caught in the Act”, that will be shared with our online community, so all can see just how wonderful our co-workers are! They are the reason why…”Nobody wows clients like we do!”

In our first installment of “Caught in the Act – Going Above & Beyond”, HVAC Service Technician, Katy F. and a student from the Anderson Career Builder Institute, Ariel, combed through Mission Beach to return lost packages to their rightful owner. He emailed the following account of their actions.


I am writing to express my deep gratitude for the actions of one of your employees. Yesterday, some packages that were delivered to my door were stolen. I have the incident captured on surveillance video and I have filed a police report regarding the incident. However, the disappointment of this event was greatly mitigated by the actions of one of your employees.

Apparently, your employee found a couple of half emptied boxes that had my name and address on them. The boxes had apparently been abandoned in the open and not in the vicinity of my address. Your employee then used the boxes to locate my residence. The employee attempted to contact me at my residence, but I was not home. The employee then gave the boxes to my neighbor and explained that he had found them a few streets away. I watched this whole event on my surveillance video as well. I live in tight quarters in Mission Beach. Your employee went to the trouble of navigating a large plumbing van into the narrow alley behind my residence. Then got out of the vehicle and searched around determinedly for my residence. After locating my residence and finding I was not home, your employee then took the additional step of finding my neighbor, who was home, and delivering to her my packages. Your employee went well out of the way, expending considerable time and effort, to search for someone to assist in getting my packages back to me. As a result, I recovered some of the items that had been stolen.

When a criminal steals something from your front door, it is a very violating and infuriating event. However, in this instance the fact that someone else, your employee, would go to such effort to rectify the situation is extremely comforting. It is nice to know that while we do not live in a perfect world, there are good hearted people out there – and they work for your company. My neighbor kept your employee’s card. It has the name Katy F. on it. I am not sure if the person I saw in the video is Katy F. Nonetheless, to whomever was working in Mission Beach yesterday around 3-4pm, I sincerely thank you for returning my packages to me. The kindness I received from you was far more valuable than the property I recovered. If we have any plumbing needs in the future, we will definitely give you guys a call. Again, thank you very much.


When we inquired with Katy, she explained, “Yes it was Ariel and I who went on a hunt to return his items, and yes the streets were small making it difficult to navigate around that area, nevertheless we both had great sense of satisfaction of returning someone’s stolen items.”

She added, “I really enjoyed the fact that Ariel wanted to get the package back to the owner just as much as I did, this showed me he had his heart in the right place, and showed how much he cared, which is what Andersons is about.”

Katy has been with Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air for eight years. When she started, she knew nothing about the trade. Now, she is an HVAC Service Technician and assists in training the next generation of HVAC Technicians.

She says, “Everything I know, I learned here at Andersons, it has been a true life-changing blessing working here.”

This is just one of many examples of Anderson employees going Above & Beyond. In our next “Caught in the Act”, one of our Call Center teammates pays a surprise visit to a customer we affectionately call “The Jam Lady”…

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