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Caught in the Act a Surprise for “Jam Lady”

Aug 14, 2018

At Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, we hire the best people. We hire the smartest, most skilled, most ethical people with outstanding personalities! Our success in this endeavor is frequently proven when our co-workers are “Caught in the Act”, going above and beyond to care for customers, teammates and their community.

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In this month’s Caught in the Act, Anderson co-workers surprised one of our favorite customers with hobby supplies.

Affectionately referred to around here as “Jam Lady”, Laura makes the most delicious jams, and always has a generous batch for Team Anderson.

Our co-workers wanted to give something back, so they took up a collection to buy jars and other jam-making supplies for Laura. When Kristi, Carlo and Monica visited to deliver the supplies and gift card, they ended up visiting for nearly three hours. Laura even served them tea and pineapple upside down cake.

A few facts they learned during the visit were that Laura’s husband painted all of the paintings in her house… and if you can spot any needlework, she did all of it!

Kristi said, “It was an amazing experience learning about Laura’s life, as well as her two husbands and two kids. When we were at her home she offered us tea. She even got out the fine china for us…”

And of course, she sent jars of jam back to our office…yep, that’s the sweet, generous Laura we know!

She loves pink. So, the team got her a pink Anderson PHA sweater too. Monica and Kristi put their Wow Bucks together to get it (Wow Bucks are a sort of internal currency used to reward our incredible teammates).

Kristi, Monica and Carlo…you have been Caught in the Act! Thank you for taking such great care of our customers and truly providing a wow experience.

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