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Boost Your San Diego Air Conditioning by Using a Ceiling Fan

Jun 26, 2013

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), homeowners can improve the efficiency of their San Diego AC systems and reduce their energy costs by up to 14%, simply by flipping a switch.

San Diego Air Conditioning Tips to Save Money

Use Ceiling Fans with Your A/C System to Reduce Your Energy Bill

Although staying hydrated is the most effective way to reduce your need for mechanical air conditioning, by using a fan, you can set your thermostat just two-degrees warmer, and still retain the same degree of comfort. The EPA also considers ceiling fans to be an important element in green building practices.

Limit Ceiling Fan Use to the Room Your Are In

Unlike air conditioning units, which cool entire rooms, ceiling fans keep you comfortable due to convection – or, simply put, a wind chill effect. Just like the wind chill effect that occurs when you cool hot soup by blowing across its surface, convection results in surface heat loss by causing warmer, less dense air molecules to move upward. Then cooler, condensed molecules flow downward to take their place.

Choosing the Right Ceiling Fan to Use With Your A/C System

Ceiling fans can be installed in virtually any location, though homeowners often prefer to swap an existing light fixture with a fan that includes a light kit. Fans designed for outdoor use, damp or wet locations are also available; however, it’s crucial to purchase a model with the correct Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL) rating seal. Besides their practical ability to enhance the cooling capacity of your existing San Diego A/C, ceiling fans now come in wide variety of stylish models and sizes. Energy Star guidelines specify sizing fans based on the following:

  • Space size: up to 75-feet. Blade width: 29- to 36-inches
  • Space size: 76- to 144-feet. Blade width: 36- to 42-inches
  • Space size: 144- to 225-feet. Blade width: 44-inches
  • Space size: 225- to 400-feet. Blade width: 50- to 54-inches

Flush Mounted Ceiling Fans

For ceilings lower than 8-feet, a flush-mounted (or “hugger”) fan may be necessary; however, their cooling potential is somewhat lessened due to the close proximity to the ceiling.

We Are San Diego’s A/C and Energy-Savings Specialists

If it’s time to upgrade your air conditioner to a more energy-efficient model, or it just needs a San Diego Air Conditioning Tune-up, contact us today. Our amazing team of certified technicians has been keeping San Diego homeowners cool for 35 years!

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